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Hi, Everyone — Happy Week after Easter.  I know I say this more frequently than not but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??!!   The last eight weeks have been so incredibly busy that i find it almost hard to believe that so many folks have already left to summer elsewhere.  But the car carriers and the downturn in traffic is a HUGE reminder that sure enough, another season has come and gone.  And as the time whizzed by, a LOT of changes have been taking place so let’s get right to it.  Before I start with the news, however, I must let you know that since my last “Greetings” of March 4 (too long between issues, I have been told), I have added over 100 new subscribers to my little epistle’s address list.  That means that “Greetings” now is read by over 2000 people which makes me VERY humble….and happy.  Thank you all for your interest.

I will start with Waterside Shops since there is so much to talk about.  Athleta should be opening within days in the Nordstrom wing and next to it, a store by the name of J.Jill will soon be opening.  The new and fabulous Apple Store is progressing by leaps and bounds daily and is scheduled to open this coming fall.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!  Louis Vuitton has moved temporarily (in a very snazzy fashion) to the former Hermes location so the store can redo and refresh its home location.  DeBeers Jewelers is GONE and in its place will be a larger version of Rolex/Tourneau will appear in its place by late summer or early fall.  White House/Black Market is close to being done with their renovations and will reopen at their original location in the Nordstrom wing VERY SOON.  (In fact, it may be opened by tomorrow.)  And Carolina Herrera….next to Louis Vuitton’s home…will be opening late summer as well.  The cute store next to the current Rolex store, Perserico, will be doing something different — they will be closing on April 28 and reopening the first of September.  I have not seen that happen before at Waterside.  True Food Kitchen is going strong and remains a favorite of ours — love their pizza especially.

Close to Waterside, the work on the Baker Museum at Artis is ongoing and quite frankly, it looks like they are building nothing short of a fortress to house all that fabulous artwork.  It has been fun to watch the transformation take place, all the while the performances at Artis continue without a problem.

At Mercato, the coffee place, Second Cup, has bitten the dust and TooJay’s is doing a land office business.  And then there is Whole Foods — I still love Whole Foods.

Close to Costco along Airport Pulling, the Hollywood 20 finally reopened on April 7 after the repairs were done from Irma. The owners took the repair time to upgrade the interiors to include reclining seats, among other things.  Also in the area, Lucky’s Market has opened where Wild Oats used to be.  As I mentioned to you previously, Lucky’s is building a brand new store along Wiggins Pass in the strip mall where Bed, Bath & Beyond is located.  That Lucky’s will not be done for a while.

Following is what else I know for sure:

Our friend, Bill Barnett, has announced his FIFTH run for Mayor of Naples and we wish him all the best in this endeavor.

After reporting on this for YEARS at the very least, I can OFFICIALLY report to you that the demolition of the Third Street Plaza WILL ACTUALLY BE HAPPENING this fall to make way for the beautiful new boutique hotel.  FINALLY!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait for this either and will be watching the progress closely.

A new favorite restaurant for Bob and me is the adorable Mediterrano on 13th in Old Naples.  It is located across from the former LeLafayette and the food is delicious & service is terrific.   Wine & beer only at this point, however.

The plans for the new Naples Beach Hotel have been approved and that will be another site worth watching.  The transformation of this Naples original will truly be a big deal and just might give the other hotels in town a run for their money when it is finally completed.

The new Mystique condo project still does not have their CO (Certificate of Occupancy) as yet and quite frankly, it still looks like they have a ways to go…and it is supposed to be done this month.  No idea what the delays plaguing them might be…but hope springs eternal for the folks who are waiting to move in.

Finally — and this is for those of us who absolutely HATE the noise generated by leaf blowers — guess who wants to do something to fix those awful things.  Elon Musk!!  Yes, indeed — the young man who gave the world Tesla’s now wants to do something about LEAF BLOWERS!  I found this out on FOX BUSINESS this morning.  I love this news and truly hope Mr. Musk follows through with this idea.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS summer wherever you go.  At this point, Bob and I plan to stay put in paradise and recover from this CRAZY season.  But I will surface now and then to keep you posted on what is going on in this wonderful corner of the world.   Enjoy!

Cheers –

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