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Hi, everyone!

Happy Sunday — and Happy 44th Anniversary + two days to my wonderful husband, Bob.  Where has the time gone?  And now we are skating into my birthday “week” so the celebrations shall continue!  :o)  Actually, the entire celebration MONTH (Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary & Birthday) started when we left for our fabulous Jazz Cruise for the 4th year in a row at the end of January.  Seven days of the best music EVER and yes, we did already sign up for the Jazz Cruise celebrating its 20th year in 2020.  We had the BEST time.

I will keep this update quick since I know you are all busy AND it seems like the entire population of the Midwest and Northeast United States are here in Naples.  Yikes — the traffic is crazy.

Cibao Grille has been going great guns, even since Pedro’s passing (thanks to all of you who helped Pamela out for the future of their children).  Bob and I have not been back to Cibao since we returned from our cruise, but we understand the restaurant has been going strong in spite of some weird telephone issues which are plaguing them from time to time.  They are trying to get them fixed permanently so don’t stop calling Cibao at 434-6653.

Waterside Shops is undergoing some big changes as you have probably seen.  The new APPLE Store has risen from the ground with intentions to be a two-story wonder scheduled to open in September.  I am told that our new Apple Store at Waterside will be one of the very best in the country, if not the world.  Each time I walk by it, more progress has been made and I CANNOT WAIT to see the end result!

The store at Waterside Shops which took the place of Hermes, Canipelli Firenze, is closing its doors this week — February 28 — and is offering 20%-70% off of selected items.  J. Crew also closed very suddenly.  Carolina Herrera will be opening next to Louis Vuitton in the coming months and ATHLETA will be opening next to Talbot’s along the Nordstrom arm of Waterside.

One of the DUMBEST decisions ever made (at least in my opinion) was the decision by Starbuck’s to close its Waterside Shops location.  It was always busy — people loved it and frequented it OFTEN.  I thought it was SO STUPID that I not only called Starbuck’s (1-800-782-7282) AND emailed them at to let them know.  The excuse they gave was incredibly lame.  Feel free to contact them to give them grief.

The Baker Museum at Artis-Naples has been nearly totally taken down to make way for a new, better….and waterproof structure.  The finish date for that, I am told is November 2019.

Mystique, the brand new condo building in Pelican Bay which I have written about frequently, has now changed its completion date from March to April.  The way it looks, they still better hurry….but it is nice fo finally see lights on and real progress being made.  And I am told that an announcement about a second condo building next to Mystique will be coming soon.

Rocco’s Tacos in Mercato will FINALLY open this coming week — February 27.  The former location of MASA looks VERY festive from the outside.   We shall see if it has more luck than MASA.

SPROUT’S Market has opened on the SE corner of Logan and Immokalee.  It looks like a place worth checking out but I have not intention of going there until after season — too crazy and too much traffic on Immokalee Road.

Lucky’s Market on Wiggins Pass is getting closer to completion as well.  Good for all the folks in very north Naples to have a good place to get groceries.

Things are progressing slowly with the Third Street Plaza project — at least there is a little billboard with an artist’s rending of the boutique hotel on it.  And the folks who bought the Naples Beach Hotel are powerfully moving forward to make that Naples destination a 5 start resort….with condos included.  That is another project that I cannot wait to watch happen to completion.

Finally, a former Trieste neighbor of ours, Doug Traina, who just built a ginormous home two doors south of the Naples Beach Hotel, decided he wanted a restaurant in town too.  So, he bought the VERY tourist friendly, THE DOCK on Crayton Cove for $12.1 million!  He and his wife have been frequent diners at The Dock and just wanted to own it.  Nice.

All good wishes as you enjoy our beautiful paradise during this very busy season.  I will be back with more news as it happens.

Until then —

Cheers –

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