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Hi, Everyone —
Lots of folks have contacted me about why I have not written a “Greetings from Paradise” for so long.  I’ll be very frank with you when I tell you that something very traumatic happened to a long-time friend of ours. The stomach-turning episode….not to mention the aftermath…which continues to this day….pretty much took the wind out of my sails, not to mention my enthusiasm for writing.  So after taking a break for a while, I will give it another try to see if I really want to continue to do this little epistle….we shall see.  You probably already know the “news items” I am about to share with you but I will take my chances.
Let’s start with Waterside Shops, as I often like to do.  Quite a few new stores have opened — like Sephora, Tina Stephens (a clothing store), the new Rolex store and Peloton bicycles.  The new Santa Fe Grill should be a welcome addition…..especially since Starbucks left.  The new restaurant will feature not only coffee but breakfast and will have an outdoor eating area right next to the water feature at Waterside.  What a nice idea!  If you have not been over to Waterside, you should go if to do nothing more than check out the beautiful Christmas decorations.
Here is more of what I know for sure:
Three 60 Market of East Naples fame is looking for a second location on Bonita Beach Road.
Vanderbilt Drive seems to be done………finally.
The new Ritz parking garage looks very spiffy.
Ingrid & Fabrizio Aielli of Sea Salt, Barbatella & Dorona fame will be opening a 4th restaurant in the place of the former Timeless on 41 close to Naples Square.  It will be called Grappino and you can find out more about it on  Ingrid & Fabrizio have made another definite mark on the Naples restaurant scene.  Wow.
The former First Baptist Church….which was transformed into the Chapel Grille….will be…if it has not been already….demolished to make way for more downtown condominiums.
The Third Street Plaza….for some unknown reason…is still standing.  The word was that it was to be demolished last summer to make way for a wonderful boutique hotel.  I am still waiting for word on that.  Very curious.
Finally, Lulu B’s at the MarketPlace at Pelican Bay has been sold and is now Angelo’s (I think I got that name right).  Lulu B’s is still in business but is now located in the Greentree Plaza AND the owner has joined forces with St. Matthew’s House to do some good work there.
That’s all I will do for now.  Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday season.  Thanks for being such loyal readers for so long.  I will keep you posted on “Greetings.”  In the meantime, if you feel like dropping me an email, I always like to hear what’s on your mind.
Until then —
Cheers –

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