An Up to the Minute Snippet

Hi, everyone –  this “Greetings from Paradise” will be quick with some late-breaking news.
1.  Summit Broadband — the internet/cable provider which many of you are all too familiar with — has been sold by Cable Bahamas to a company called “Grain Management, LLC.”  The sale will be finalized in the 4th quarter of this year.  I have an email out to the Pelican Bay Foundation asking when they were planning on announcing the sale to their residents who are served by Summit.
2.  Lucky’s Market in the Gateway Shoppes on Wiggins Pass — even though it looks ready to open — will NOT be opening until “early next year.”
3.  Cameron Mitchell Restaurants (out of Ohio) plans to open a new restaurant called “Del Mar Naples” in the fall of 2020 in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Lurcat…an old favorite of ours.  Cameron Mitchell also owns Ocean Prime Restaurant which is connected to the Inn on Fifth.
4.  Speaking of the Inn on Fifth, it has closed for just a short time in order to “fluff” the suites and common areas in preparation for the upcoming season.
5.  The demolition of Sears at the Coastland Mall is taking a really long time for whatever reason.  The complete demolition will not be completed until probably the end of October.  The new theatre which will be built in its place is scheduled to open in the fall of 2020.  They better hurry.  :o)
6.  The restaurant that so many folks love in the Pavilion Shopping Center, Trattoria Abruzzo, has redecorated and changed its name.  The new restaurant is called Casa Nostra.
7.  The new Ritz Carlton garage is looking quite snazzy as it rises from the ground.  With the plantings, paint and trellis planned for the site, it just might be a huge plus in what was a boring parking lot.
I told you this would be short.  :o)  More news as it happens.  Until then —
Cheers –

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