An American Hero: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., by Andrew Joppa


I have a new hero in the battle for America. He doesn’t displace my leading hero, Donald James Trump, but he has become a heroic figure, nevertheless. We are not legally or morally limited to choosing only one hero. In this essay I will speak of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I’ll start with the obligatory and obvious…we do not have to agree with every thought uttered by a hero or actions they’ve taken.  For example…Mickey Mantle was my hero… still is…but I thought his alcoholism and womanizing were unacceptable. He was my hero because of his remarkable skill set and his ability to fight through pain and disabling disease.


In a similar manner RFK Jr. is my hero. He is a man of enormous courage and has taken on prevailing corrupted “truths” that are all worthy of, and demand, challenge…demand rebuttal. He hasn’t been right about everything, but he has immersed himself in battles that should have been fought by countless others…but weren’t. He has single-handedly led us into conversations that are critical to our future…and an understanding our past. It is not an incidental part of this discussion that he is the leading challenger for the Democrat nomination for the presidency. His assault by the Leftist politicians and media means both he, and the likely challenger for Biden in the general election, are both under serious and malicious attack, which is the reason, and the only reason the attacks are taking place.


I must acknowledge that I have some minimal background contact with RFK Jr. and his father. In1964, when RFK was running for the Senate against Kenneth Keating in New York, I became deeply involved with his campaign. During this process, I met both the RFKs, although Junior was not even a teenager at the time. In ’68 I thought RFK would win the Democrat nomination. I would have supported his candidacy, but I was in Vietnam when he was assassinated; an assassination, still, with many unanswered questions, as is the murder of his brother, JFK. My wife, however, was on the scene as she had a work assignment at The Ambassador Hotel at the time of RFK’s shooting.


I was scheduled to debate Jr. in 1995(?) about Global Warming. He had become the chief prosecuting attorney for the Hudson River Fisherman’s Association in 1984, helping to merge that group and Riverkeeper into a single organization in 1986. I withdrew primarily because I agreed with almost all his positions on the river, as I was an avid Hudson River sport fisherman …striped bass were mostly spawned there in Haverstraw Bay. At that point, Global Warming seemed so incidental to both of our lives it didn’t seem to warrant the time it would have demanded…especially the scientific documentation I needed for rebuttal, a documentation that is now available in abundance.


In December of 2020 I published an essay on Robert Kennedy Jr. I watched a 43-minute video of a conversational interaction between Bobby and David Martin.  Their focus was the manipulation of the pharmaceutical market, for personal gain, by Tony Fauci. The amount of supportive information they supplied made it abundantly clear that, not only had Fauci controlled the patents on almost all drugs issued during the last 20 years, but also manipulated the very existence of the pathogens that made these pharmaceutical patents profitable…very profitable. The story they told makes Fauci, debatably, the greatest villain of the Twenty First Century.


RFK Jr. said, “While Fauci had been nearly deified, media idolatry of Fauci had become patently and verifiably absurd and a full probing insight found a man with far more sinister implications.  Recently, Dr. Fauci justified his lies, saying Americans can’t handle the truth. He reminds me of the old southern saying, ‘He is like a rooster who thinks the sun only rises every morning so as to hear him crow.’ A bantam rooster at that.”


RFK Jr. went on…” Yeah. So let me give people kind of a little bit of a background on Tony Fauci. Tony Fauci came out of his internship. Since his internship ended in 1968, he’s never treated a patient. He’s a doctor, but he’s a doctor who doesn’t see patients. He went directly to NIAID. He then became the head of NIAID in 1984 at the very time that the HIV epidemic exploded. What Tony Fauci does, NIAID is supposed to look for the causes and treatments for infectious diseases, for allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases.


Tony Fauci did almost none of those things. What he’s done is he’s taken an enormous budget that began with the AIDS budget, which is now about $6 billion a year, plus another $1.7 billion a year that he gets from the Defense Department, which becomes part of his discretionary spending, and he invests that money in developing new drugs. He farms the money out to about 1,300 principal investigators who run their own little empires at Harvard, at NYU, at Berkeley, at MIT, and they begin the drug development forum. They do the clinical studies, and then when it gets to a certain point, he sells the drug or transfers it to one of the big pharmaceutical companies. But he does a deal with them where he splits the royalties for many of these drugs.


I followed that up with the reading of RFK Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci… an incredibly powerful and insightful book that provides a comprehensive look into the life and career of Dr. Anthony Fauci. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the inner workings of Pharma companies, the medical industry, and the role of key players like Dr. Fauci in the corruption and destruction of the medical industry in our society.


Kennedy’s book delves into several key themes, including the influence of Big Pharma on public health policy, the manipulative tactics employed by these corporations, and the potential conflicts of interest that have arisen because of Fauci’s close association with the industry. Kennedy presents his perspective on the topic with a critical eye, unearthing troubling connections and raising important questions about the motivations and ethics of those involved…primarily Anthony Fauci. This information is crucial for Americans to understand, as it highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability within the medical industry.


The impact of this book on people’s perception of the medical industry cannot be overstated. By exposing the questionable practices of Pharma companies and their influence over key figures like Dr. Fauci, readers may begin to question the information they receive from medical professionals and government agencies. This awareness could lead to a demand for greater transparency, stricter regulations, and a more ethical approach to public health policy.


While, for this essay, I’ve focused primarily on Kennedy’s commitment to our understanding of Big Pharm and Fauci’s corrupt role in their process, there is, of course, much more to the man than this. However, if this were the entirety of his willingness to challenge the system, he would, in my opinion, earn heroes’ status. America might still survive if his courage and, of course, the courage of the great Donald J. Trump, could be but replicated a thousand times over.


These are the types of men America has been lacking.  If properly understood, both should be emulated as models that many of the younger generation should choose to live be. They are both men of great perseverance and amazing insights. I don’t think RFK Jr. should be president.  That notwithstanding, he is a man that must be enabled to exert influence somewhere in the American system.

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