America’s in Trouble, by Andrew Joppa

America’s In Trouble; Trump’s Not the Cause


by Andy Joppa


Let me make it clear.  I have no first-hand knowledge of the specific circumstances generating the events, or participants in the events, surrounding the Capitol violent protests of January 6th. Let me also make it clear…at this point, no one else does either.  It is possible we may never know with any degree of surety. We certainly have the immediate interpretation given to us by the media and political world. That is, a small, but fanatical group of Trump supporters, laid siege to the nation’s Capitol Building, with unknown extended intentions.  This was all supposedly done under the auspice of Donald J. Trump. That he was the “puppet master.”


What we actually do know is, those events lead to the death of four people, one of them wantonly slaughtered without cause by a Capitol police officer, and a limited amount of damage to the Capitol environ itself. We know little more than that with certainty. No, President Trump did not tell his supporters to “invade” the Capitol Building.  He asked them to walk there as an act of solidarity for the legal process of influencing congressional decisions. A circumstance of wide historical precedent.


But suppose it was a “red herring.” A “red herring” is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. The events of January 6th would potentially qualify within that definition.  Unconfirmed reports are already filtering in about busloads of antifa thugs and a BLM organizer in the rotunda…so, we’ll have to see how that plays out.


I’ll start with a few facts that are indisputable. Having watched many of the Trump rallies over the past four years I have not seen a scintilla of the type of violence shown at the Capitol on the 6th. I have also never seen Trump supporters decked out with helmets, knee pads and climbing equipment.  The Trump rallies were dominated by the over fifties and they left the rally areas cleaner then when they got there. There was no reason for the president to believe this crowd was any different.


We also know that in the past the Left put paid agitators into the Trump crowds to instigate trouble. During the last few years, we have seen similar type assaults on government facilities committed by Leftist thugs. All of this doesn’t mean it wasn’t Trump supporters doing the deed in D.C., but it certainly would have been light years outside their natural tendencies, while it fell entirely in the” wheelhouse” of the violent Left.


All of this resurrects memories of prior events.  The Germans put on Polish military uniforms and attacked their own radio station as a pretext to the invasion of Poland. The Germans, at that point, being Germans, even added dead bodies to heighten the realism. Frontier settlers would disguise themselves as Indians (excuse me, indigenous Americans) and attack homesteads so as to generate attacks on these “savages” that would clear the area for “peaceful” settlements. So, staged events are part of the human “theatrical” process.


Who gained by these events?  It certainly wasn’t the President nor his legitimate supporters.  They are all being portrayed like the marauders of Attila the Hun. Movement has already started for Trump’s removal from office. It certainly wasn’t the congressional Republicans who, in the events aftermath, surrendered all pretexts of courage lest they be associated with “Attila’s” thugs. In addition, it certainly wasn’t the truth of the elections being fraudulent, for who would be so “insensitive” to talk about such things after the “carnage” they had witnessed.


No, the only group that gained by these events was the political Left.  That doesn’t make them guilty, but it certainly heightens suspicion surrounding their possible role.


How the Left might have manufactured these violent riots is easy to creatively conjure. They knew the rallies for a fair election would draw huge crowds.  The number of attendees post the event has been estimated at 300,000, although it might have been more. They knew the very size of that turnout would influence members of congress to be more receptive to the arguments being offered for the overturning of the election.


They had to interfere with this process.  Using their vast network, and financial resources, they recruited a significant number of paid, violent, agitators…for this purpose call them Antifa. It is, of course equally possible, that the Left provoked radical Supremacist groups, through infiltration, to do their dirty work. Thus, it might appear that the Left had no role to play. The mayor of D.C. was complicit, as she told the police defending the Capitol to essentially stand down and allow these agitators to enter the hallowed halls of our Capitol. She also told them that the building’s interior had to be defended with armed force if necessary…perhaps, hoping for the carnage that followed. 


I do not know that anything in that last paragraph to be true.  As I indicated, it was a hypothetical, albeit a hypothetical, built on motive and prior history.


I do know the “cui bono” question, “to whom is it a benefit”, is seen as primary in determining guilt in the assessment of responsibility.  In the aftermath of the event we saw congressional republicans withdraw from their election objections.  The incredible size of the crowd in support of the president went unnoticed and the fact the Left has seized total control of the federal government occurred without comment.  Our great president was positioned as a criminal agitator, to be shunned by all peace loving, lawful, citizens.  Make no mistake, this categorization will go on long after this great man has left the White House.  The Left has to make sure he doesn’t lead a Republican resurgence for 2022 or, once again, seek the presidency in 2024.


In today’s America, it is impossible to imagine President Trump escaping from the constant harangue of the press, the political Left, and most federal Republicans.  It may only be the documenting of my hypothetical that might allow that to happen.  With the nature of the FBI, and the new AG, I’m afraid that, even if my hypothetical proved to be true, its chances of seeing the light of day are almost non-existent.


If the worst case scenario can be documented, that is, all the armed violent participants were proven to be Trump supporters (however that can be measured), the peaceful  actions of 99.999% of those who were there must be mentioned.  That President Trump should be held responsible for this violent moment is absurd, reprehensible, and politically motivated.


As the rally was taking place, the president still harbored hope that Pence would legally support his contentions and the objections raised by Senators would have persuasive impact.  He surely knew that acts of violence, as we witnessed, would destroy all legal avenues to the acceptance of a fraudulent vote.  These violent acts were the last thing he wanted…as it played out, he is the one that was most seriously damaged politically.  Sorry, it is all just too convenient for the Left’s purpose, to accept all of this at face value.


I am ashamed to realize that, arguably, the greatest president in our history, may become and an outcast in his own country. If this occurs, and I’m afraid it will, I will have a difficult time ever respecting this nation again.  I am almost choking on its hypocritical pomposity as I write.

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