America’s Broken Pact with the Truth

America’s Broken Pact with Truth

by Andy Joppa


A nation that has abandoned the truth as being little more than an intrusive burden has, for all practical purpose, abandoned its purpose in existing or… even its right to exist. While this comment could be applied against many nations, it is no more valid than its use in the assessment of America in late 2021.


 Perhaps no other great civilization, with an abundance of available truth, rejected it in favor of the fallacious pursuit of destructive ends. When this has happened elsewhere, the rejection of truth was generally isolated to one, powerful component, within its entire system; the government, the military, its educational system, or its media. Our nation is corrupted in every one of it defining institutions. Escape, therefore, is nearly impossible.


I would venture that it is only America where it can be said that every element of its structure has been involved with what I would best describe as a conspiracy of lies. Distortions so dramatic, that every virtue of this nation has been sacrificed to the pursuit of its own destruction…by its own people.  I believe that once a nation has been so willingly scarred by its rejection of truth, that it is impossible to ever find it again.  If a nation is merely wrong in the choices it makes, or the positions it takes, it can be salvaged. That is not the case with America.  The positions taken are all pursued knowing that they are false…knowing that they are lies.  That is a national disease that can only be described as terminal. All of this has occurred under the auspice, and with the intent, of our Progressive/Left …and almost no one or anything is pushing back.


Machiavelli created a concept that he referred to as, “effectual truth.” For Machiavelli, the effectual truth is the “truth shown in the outcome of his thought. The truth of words is in the result they produce….”.  To Machiavelli, consequences are all that mattered. He advised, “Do not worry about justice, but act, and the words to justify your action will come to you afterward.” That is…truth and justice can only be measured by intent and result. There is nothing called truth…. only consequences.  In the modern vernacular it would be, “Say whatever you want, even if false, figure out any way to “prove” it, as long as you get the results you want, it’s all OK.” There is nothing that could more accurately describe this nation than those few words.


Therein is the entirety of Leftist tactic and perversion of truth in America.  Launch an accusation without substance, stir their minions in the media for support, and then attempt to define their narrative through a series of linguistic manipulations and invocations of law; law distorted for their own nefarious purpose.  “Truth and justice” to the Left always being measured and defined by the achieving of their objective; “The effectual truth.”

Within the moral controversy of Machiavelli’s life, he, at least, saw the “effectual truth” as being a necessary component for the Prince to use in the best interest of their country.  Even Machiavelli, however, did not conjure the utilization of the “effectual truth” as a mechanism to be invoked in the pursuit of damaging a nation or attempting to destroy its legitimate leaders. He saw the “effectual truth” as being a dubious tool of effective leadership and not a weapon of destruction.  The Left, however, has honed this concept and uses it against America; never for America’s benefit…always for their own.


All too many of our citizens, of all political stripes, then become complicit, by allowing the Left’s corruption of truth and then accepting this manipulative process as legitimate and meaningful.   Many speak proudly of American legality and our sense of justice while functioning like third world primitives in their pursuit. No one can wail as much about these virtues, while not understanding their implications, more than Leftist Americans. We become neutered when the word LAW appears before any allegation and believe we must surrender to any assertion, because we’re, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”  Our presumption of American righteousness and virtue becoming our barrier to understanding what has often become our sordid internal reality.  Our historic virtue has become little more than our contemporary “blinders.”


The Left should never be debated…in most situations an accomplished liar will win-out against a sincere truth teller…at least within the minds of the chronically uninformed.  This leads to my general rule of political life…it is never what they say or do that matters…it is only what we say and do.  You attack the “effectual truth”, you don’t debate it.


Finally, the FBI must be chartered to have no involvement with political figures at any level.  Since Hoover, they have proven they are not to be trusted with our national future.  At their very best the FBI is a group of worthy technicians. At their worst they are highly paid band of subversives. They should, however, have no role to play in determining the fate of any duly elected officials. They have not the earned the right to be a participant in the basic decision-making activities of our country.  They are… masters of the “effectual truth.”


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