America in Psychosis, by Andrew Joppa

America in Psychosis

by Andy Joppa


“You have to quit confusing a madness with a mission.”

― Flannery O’Connor


It is now 2020 and the American farce continues.  We see masked marauders rampaging through the streets of our great cities and, in an act of near total submission, this is tolerated. All too typically we have become a society in which truth is a burden, and is positioned as reactionary, while the “public lie” is held up as virtuous and is presented to us (and by us) as the statement of “progressive” thinking. We are told that rampant police violence toward African Americans is an outrage while there is absolutely no documentation of its truth. The media, and most politicians, accept these comments as genuine with no concern for their validity.


There are no social issues currently under debate, where truth, objectivity or even accuracy are requirements of that debate or of the conclusions that are reached.  We are a society that uses anecdotes as definitive proof of any desired conclusion while we reject abundant information that disputes the designed public distortions. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Jussie Smollett are still alluded too as examples confirming American racism. We are told that we are a racist society and the guilt manifestation demands we hang our heads in shame. The actual circumstance is we are a free society and there will always be some unacceptable anomalies…both white and black. Of course, the very thought that blacks can be racist and violent is not allowed in our intellectually restricted society.


“Minds that have withered into psychosis are far more terrifying than any character of fiction.”

― Christian Baloga


Most segments of our society cower under the threat of being labeled “uncaring,” or worse, if they have the audacity to challenge the carefully constructed mythologies.  The traditional barriers protecting us from these social eccentricities and intellectual perversions have not only negated their primary role but have actually become complicit in the fulfillment of what they consider to be the “meaningful lie.”  That is, a lie that is willingly told because it supposedly serves a greater good. Social media always lurks in the background looking to find some reason to destroy someone’s life…which they do so with joyful and reckless abandon.


“Psychosis is person less persona, raving sincerity.”

― Brian Spellman


The piercing and probing eye of the press has been replaced with “feel good” reporting, sensationalism, fake news, or, even worse, by its intent to have its own agenda dominate the public debate. The justice of government has, too often, been displaced by its yielding to the loudest voting block and the educational growth within our public schools, historically built around the pursuit of truth, has been displaced by the subjectivity of personal identity as it pertains to the resolution of every human issue.


The neurotic has problems, the psychotic has “solutions”

Thomas Szasz


As we become more and more intellectually scarred and neutered, the destination of this process is clear.  It seems rather obvious that we are trying to produce a docile, impressionable population of Americans; one that can be easily manipulated.  A population that can be used to elect political candidates of marginal value; support social agendas of limited purpose or confer power on those that do not care how many lives become damaged by their distortions. How else can we possibly explain Joe Biden?


It is also rather obvious that the essential attributes of American identity that have created an occasionally flawed but incredibly dynamic model of human achievement are under assault and have been discarded as the rubbish of yesterdays celebration.  In addition, it is apparent, that there are no enemies other than we, the American people.  This is the good news and the bad news.  The good news is that we will not be defeated by our external enemies. The bad news is, as has been said, “we have met the enemy and he is us.” This internal enemy is not some exception to our otherwise quality norm.  In many ways they have become our norm.  People such as I, are seen as the radical, and often, unacceptable exceptions.


Since we, as a people, are the perpetrators of our own social frauds the ability to accurately focus on the issues, and deal with them constructively, is delimited by the corrupted mentality that produced the problems originally.  Jonathan Swift certainly would have included a variant of modern America in his presentation of the limited perspective worlds in Gulliver’s Travels. Perhaps even Swift though, could not have imagined a society so committed to its own intellectual impoverishment that it would willingly disfigure its historic glory and its current reality in the pursuit of willful ignorance.


Our public schools must be seen as a, if not “the,” major contributor to our decline. When I consider that the schools have a child from 5 to 17 and many then graduate, unable to purposefully read and with no understanding of why America has been a unique experiment in human freedom, I know that is where I must first look for our solutions.


The public-school system is our first well intentioned, but destructive contributor to the violent bent of our society.  Its focused attempt to artificially inflate children’s self-esteem has been the catalyst to much of the violence that has followed.  The school’s have reversed the wisdom that suggested that “education causes self-esteem” and replaced it with “self-esteem causes education.”  We know that when our kids are asked, “how are you doing in school” the vast majority answer, “just great.”  We know however, by international comparison that this isn’t true.


Self-esteem that is introduced prior to actual accomplishment, and is not a result of actual understanding, is a blockage to learning and growth and is frequently associated with acts of violence in the teen-age years. A majority of young people who are arrested for crimes of extreme violence show an inflated level of self-esteem. I guarantee that every Molotov cocktail heaving thug in Minneapolis thinks they’re really special.


Perhaps the existence of self-esteem without value would not have been as contaminating as it has been, but it took place in a society driven by a culture of “victimology.”  “Victimology”, a concept constantly reinforced by governmental policy and law, suggesting that if anything is wrong in your life somebody has done something to you.  I can not remember when anyone in this society actually acknowledged that a deficiency in their lives was caused by their own personal inadequacy.  We have been “educated” to accept that we should look outside ourselves to find the most conveniently available “enemy.”


If we link this with the defining emotions of modern America being envy, resentment and jealousy we can begin to see how our children, entering their teen-age years, would seek out enemies who were the “cause” of their unexpected misery. Every “victim” must have an enemy.  For many of these miscreants, their fellow Americans are their enemies.


Psychiatrists classify a person as neurotic if he suffers from his problems in living, and a psychotic if he makes others suffer.

Carl Jung

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