A Marauding Herd of “Karens,” by Andrew Joppa

A Marauding Herd of “Karens”

by Andy Joppa


Breitbart had written, providing one of the most critical insights in the world of needed awareness, that, “politics is downstream from culture.”  I’d like to expand that to state…everything is downstream from culture…all issues, and their eventual resolution, are cultural derivatives.


Therefore, in my far less than humble estimation, why would I, or anyone, write about the issues?  Only culture will determine the outcome, and it is here where America’s battles are being fought… and won or lost…at this point, mostly lost. Therefore, and without apology, I write almost exclusively about culture.


In fact, discussions about issues bore me into a benumbed semi-comatose state of near catatonia.  How often do you have to hear about the issue of illegal immigration before you realize those discussions have led nowhere?  Immigration will be won or lost with elections and elections will be won or lost because of culture. How often do you have to hear about Wuhan Flu this, or Covid-19 that, before you realize that none of it matters? Only culture driven politics will create the decisions and outcomes.


Although Wuhan Flu has generated significant manifestations of cultural problems; which can best be seen in our simultaneously being neurotically risk adverse, coupled with our innumerate failure to actually understand risk and probability. However, we have failed to identify the major cultural “diseases” creating our greatest dilemmas. I’ll explore one of those issues…since it is “terminal” unless dealt with.


To do so, I’ll use “The Bad Seed” as a partial entree into that discussion. I say partial since no one element can possibly deal with all of our cultural destructions.


The Bad Seed is a 1954 novel written by William March (with a movie of the same name). In this novel, Rhoda Penmark is a young child (perhaps 12), and is the title character. Rhoda is portrayed as a high-functioning sociopath. She has no conscience and will not hesitate to harm whoever stands in her way at achieving her goal. An adept manipulator, Rhoda can easily charm and mislead adults.  Because of her deceptive social skills, she is able to corrupt and damage the world around her.


Fast forward to 2020 and we find we now have 20 million Rhoda wannabes…give or take five million…now named “Karen” and now twenty plus years older. The Bad Seed has taken root and has grown inexorably in numbers…like a noxious weed. Rhoda has gone from being an unacceptable anomaly to be an acceptable norm in the increasingly psychopathic American culture. She has permeated our social interactions, our academic institutions, the media and our political institutions and…she votes. While gaining higher levels of acceptability, she is now a greater threat than she ever was.


Because of their huge numbers and, as a result, growing influence, none of the challenges created by this vast herd of “Karens” has easy answers, or perhaps, answers at all. Yet, our fate as a nation and civilization could very well depend on our successfully doing just that. There should be no doubt that these psychopaths can control our future unless we find, first the cause and second the cure.


What is the cause?  How could a great civilization produce so many female miscreants and their male lackies? Stella Morabito, writing at The Federalist offered, “…that these sheltered little woke white women zombies are groomed through K-12 and college, the Democrat media complex, diversity training, white privilege workshops and lose contact with reality.”


But the most encompassing, albeit controversial, is the women’s movement, having its major origins in the 1960’s.  Make no mistake about my intent.  The origins of that movement were derived from every woman’s right to control her own destiny…to choose her own life and its characteristics.  She was not merely an accompaniment for a man but had the right to aspire for anything that life offered…period.


However (isn’t there always a however), there have been manifestations of that process that have damaged and continue to damage the American culture.  This is true even within some of its positive implications. For example, a woman wanting a career outside of the home.  While I totally understand that desire, it has still been loaded with attendant negatives. The nurturing and support offered to children by a mother being in the home has no equal. No…dads don’t do it as well and nannies or day care centers may not do it all.


The Women’s Movement has morphed into an anti-male process, no longer pursuing equal rights but, more so, gaining the power to do equal wrongs.  They have gained control of the males around them by hinting any pushback is misogyny and these men must therefore fall in line to fulfill the, often, violent inclinations of these new “Madame DeFarges”.


It is well documented that the leaders of most of the violent street riots have been “Karens.” Andrea Widburg on American Thinker reported, “the BLM foot soldiers are primarily made up of college-educated white students, primarily women, who have drunk deeply from the Marxist swill their professors offer them.”


These millions of “Karens” have contaminated our lives with their whining, often violent, aggressiveness. They pursue their “fulfillment” as if that is the end all of any discussion.  The men look for mates…they get competitors or scolds; children look for mothers and they get any substitute available.  The society looks for feminine wisdom and it gets vulgar malcontents.


The society didn’t need more hyper masculine types…it needed and needs more women…real women.  Not strutting peahens, but women who keep our society alive with their insights and by bearing and nurturing children.  If they forgo that “task” then our society will die, to be replaced by any group where their women are willing to reproduce them into a majority, regardless of the detriment to the society and…themselves. I’m sorry this task falls on you (if you’re a woman) …but that’s the way it is.  One male would do…but millions of women are necessary.


I’ll conclude with a statement by Morabito, “Today, the elements of radical leftist cultural indoctrination are virtually everywhere, and they must be aggressively confronted.  That means we must role up our sleeves and get to work to defeat the woke white women and her emotional communist captors.”


I couldn’t agree more. Because I admire women, I deeply dislike these “Karen” women imposters, and the destruction they represent for America.

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