What Trump Brings to the Elections – Andrew Joppa (9/14)

For many years I was involved with corporate consulting. Much of my activity dealt with the issue of corporate culture. “Culture” being those unwritten rules of behavior that determine and color most of the decisions that are made in an organization. There was generally one of two damaging scenarios that presented themselves. The most common was where the current cultural situation was totally dysfunctional and, as damaging, was the serious problem where there were two or more cultures operating in opposition to each other. It was presumed that you could not change the company and its outcomes without changing the culture into a more purposeful or unified model. It counted little what the company did peripherally to changing the culture…if the culture didn’t change nothing else mattered. The major reason for that was that a destructive culture would always warp any positive change back into its purposeless or damaging form.

This introduction now brings me to Donald Trump and his amazing, persistent, and growing popularity. Almost all pundits remain baffled by this Trump phenomenon. While unable to understand his strength, all these “talking heads” seem quite able to articulate his faults…real or imaginary. While I still have not reached the point of actively supporting Trump I have come to a firm realization of the tremendous value potentially being derived from his candidacy. That value can be explained quite simply; Trump is single handedly changing the American culture. The other candidates had best realize that Trump’s success is far from that of being a mere bombast.

America’s current problems can be defined in many ways. Every challenging issue that can be considered, however, weave back to a causal definition of a deficient American culture. Many Americans, instinctively or intellectually, know what we knew about the reality of only changing corporations by changing the culture. They sense that America can only be saved if the culture of this great nation is restored to the elements that made us great for over two hundred years. I am not saying issues are unimportant. I am saying that if the culture doesn’t change that, regardless of how issues are resolved, it really won’t matter. Any change will be temporary and we’ll warp back into our negative positions keeping us on an ongoing path of constant decline…and it certainly must be changed or the issues won’t matter.

With Trumps candidacy many are saying that he expresses what they are feeling privately. Let me offer but a few examples of this cultural malaise…I could offer few that demonstrate our strength. The most important is…the degrading of the Constitution and our founders is deplored by focused citizens. Many want American foreign policy decisions to favor America. Millions want to hear the values of America extolled by our leaders. Those that fund the public schools (and indirectly the universities) demand that they teach pro-American civic values. Many have long hated that the media could destroy a life (political or private) by repeating a comment that was made by a public figure. That our police have been made a pawn for inner city apologists is repugnant. We listen to politicians telling lies while they are allowed to call it anything else…we then absurdly accept their apologies. Our country being 20 trillion dollars in debt as a result of politicians spending other people’s money to get reelected is deeply resented. Citizens have long rejected that those entering America illegally should live off the largess of their tax revenue. That our federal officials make careers out of being our bosses as compared to being our servant is unacceptable. The contemptuous level of sensitivity to…well…everything, leaves us unable to discuss important issues. The degrading of our sexual conduct and identities portends the return to primitivism. These can all be categorically defined as cultural issues. If these things don’t change…nothing else can. Our culture is our destiny.

Trump is the first political candidate who is willing and able to penetrate the cultural “curtain” shrouding our corrupt society. The reassertion of our traditional culture is not a peripheral element in the upcoming elections…it is by far the only really important issue. No one offers us any respite other than the brash, bold, loud…Donald Trump. If no other candidate emerges in these primaries who offers what Trump offers then he will have to receive my support by default. It is not that I will pursue “any port in a storm.” It is that I may have to sail toward the only port that is available in our cultural storm.