“Weaponizing” the Judiciary

“Weaponizing” the Judiciary

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On Wednesday’s show, we continue the conversation from the last few weeks with Constitutional Scholar and Chairman of the Cato Institute Bob Levy about Supreme Court Cases involving “administrative agencies” that paved the way for a vast expansion of federal government power. “Josephus of Oz” author and Mercy College Professor Andrew Joppa and I discuss the Mueller investigation as an example of politically “weaponizing” the judicial system. We also have an informative visit with author and Endowed Professor at the University of Houston Larry Bell about the political bias in the latest governmental climate reports.

We’re off to a Foundation for Government Accountability conference in Orlando today, so we’ll have no show on Thursday or Friday.

Please join us on Monday’s show. We’ll have terrific special guests including the Founder and Publisher of HistoryCentral.com Marc Schulman, the President of the Foundation for Economic Education Larry Reed, and author and news correspondent Jim McTague.

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