Trump in Helsinki

Trump at Helsinki

by Andy Joppa


“Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Winston Churchill


“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”


“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.”

both by Sun Tzu, The Art of War


As best can be determined the country of Russia came into being in 2016 with the nomination of Donald Trump.  This seems to be true since little that preceded that moment contains any residual memory of a Russia that existed before that time.


Obama’s withdrawal of defensive missiles from Poland and Czechoslovakia to accommodate Russian pressure never happened. Barack Obama had abandoned the controversial Pentagon plan to build a missile defense system in Europe that had long soured relations with Russia.


The Clinton disastrous reset button with Russia never happened. Clinton was a key player in Obama’s ‘Russia Reset’ policy, which aimed to cool tensions with Russia following its 2008 invasion of Georgia, a former Soviet republic.

The takeover of Crimea with minimal (sanctions only) response never happened.


The failure to arm Ukraine to minimize Russian aggression never happened. Ukraine pleas fell on deaf ears.


The loss of American political dominance to Russia in the Middle-East never happened. Our lack of resolve directly lead to many of the tragic deaths in Syria.

Russia’s gaining 1/5th of the uranium production capacity of the United States under SOS Clinton never happened.  This, of course, is also an obvious example of a Clinton pay-for play situation (Collusion?).


Obama’s comment to Medvedev to tell “Vladimir” I will have more flexibility after my election never happened.  The intent of this non-event was to make easier his presidential reelection against Mitt Romney and he wanted Russian cooperation in our election process. He would be prepared to yield to Russian demands on missile defense after his re-election but needed more “space” until then. (Collusion?)


It could be presumed that if Russia existed before 2016 that there would have been, or would be, some mention of these events from the Obama White House, congress, and/or the media.  But, no…they apparently never happened.


Everything that’s going on now, whatever that might be, has no history. It stands as an isolated event where, apparently, Vladimir Putin initiated action to damage Hillary Clinton.  If he did, still a very big “if” (you may think our intelligence agencies should be deified…I don’t), it wouldn’t have been done because he politically feared Clinton, but, because he thought her the presumptive winner (or just couldn’t stand her like so many of us).


As it specifically pertains tothe Trump/Putin Summit in Helsinki, here are my basic premises that define my position:


·      There is nothing President Trump could have said or done at Helsinki that would have prevented outrageous criticism from the Left.

·      There has been nothing said about Russia within the American political cesspool that did not have as its underlying motivation an attack on the President.

·      The president has been under scurrilous assault ever since June 2016…most has been about Russia.

·      Even if true, those condemning Russia have no real concern over a Russian threat.  They are politicians…not patriots.

·      Our intelligence agencies and national police force have shown themselves capable of using their positions of trust for political ends.  At this point, they are not to be trusted in political situations and, make no mistake, anything…anything and everything…about Russia is political.

·      An intelligence agency can show bias by what it investigates, when it investigates it, why it was investigated, and with what intensity it was investigated.   Mere accuracy is not a validating threshold of impartiality.

·      Trump’s aim with going to The Summit was to establish a better relationship with Russia…not to berate a “wayward child.”  Perhaps in private…never in public.

·      There is every reason to believe that more benefit can and will be achieved with a good relationship with Russia rather than with a bad.

·      The greatest threat America faces is from the Progressive/Left…by far. “Whatever strengthens your enemy makes you weaker” …Sun Tzu.  Attacking Trump, strengthens the Left and weakens America.

·      The Left had no difficulty supporting the Soviet Union and/or communism, during its worse periods of human oppression.

·      Trump recently bolstered the military strength of NATO by demanding higher military expenditures and cajoled Germany for their dependency on Russian oil and gas.  These are hardly the actions of a Russian favoring sycophant…unlike the clear actions and intent of Obama.

·      What is said behind closed doors is often different than the public face that is presented. Diplomacy is never what you see…it is always… and only… what you don’t see.

·      Trump clearly stated his intent was not political positioning but achieving peace. I thought we wanted that…perhaps not.  The Left will accept war if it damages Trump.  The Neo-Cons believe every one of our competitors should be literally attacked…oh, how they loved the Cold War.

·      Trump brought as his national security advisor, John Bolton; a “hawk” as it pertains to Russia.

·       Many RHINOS show occasional, but very fragile support for the president, but are also always looking for a reason to diminish him.  They are so special…in a slimy sort of way.  They’ve done nothing and are intimidated by a man who believes that fulfilling his oath actually matters.

·      Andrew McCarthy made a very interesting and important point.  Once Mueller indicted the Russians for hacking they became INNOCENT.  By definition, as a defendant, they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Any comment made by Trump as an official of the U.S. Government, “confirming” their guilt, would have been invoked by a defense attorney as extremely prejudicial and they would have “walked.” The fact that they will probably never come to trial begs the major issue.  Trump could not offer his confirmation of their guilt.


President Trump performed nobly in Helsinki.  He laid the groundwork for a better American and world future; perhaps void of the rancor that has so populated discourse over the past 75 years.  He should be given the Peace Prize rather than being condemned by those only trying to fulfill their own selfish ends.  I doubt there is enough wisdom left in America to realize any of this. It is a shame that we so frequently turn our back on the only lifeline America has been given…Donald Trump. All the tribal “chest beating”is repugnant.