“Tomorrow” Is November 3, 2020, by Andrew Joppa

“Tomorrow” is November 3, 2020

by Andy Joppa


“A prophet is always underestimated, and part of what makes one a prophet is that he doesn’t really mind it.”

― Criss Jami


November 2020 will arrive in a heartbeat.  It is now that we must start to summon the energy, the courage, and the wisdom, to return Donald Trump to the oval office.  He is not only the best choice for America…he is the only choice. Given the total ability to choose anyone for the presidency, I would choose Donald Trump. I cannot think of anyone who would offer more to America.  If you are not aware of what would exist on the other side of a Trump victory, it is probably too late to fill you in on the sordid details.  You’ve seen the Socialist/Left’s machinations for the past three years. They no longer feel the need to be clandestine.  Their corruptions are now publicly manifest, being given field cover by the media, the federal bureaucracy and, all too many, Republicans.


During the presidential campaign of 2016 I made many presentations in support of Donald Trump. I stand ready to do so again…with anyone, anywhere and at any time. It is what I have to offer…give me a call.  What can you do? What will you do? Once again, the plurality in SW Florida may be the deciding votes for Trump to win our state, and Florida may win the national election.  There can be little doubt that the votes we cast, or can influence, are among the most important in all of America.


It should be clear that the reelection of Donald Trump is the only thing that matters in the elections of 2020.  Nothing else even approximates the importance of that occurring. If that happens (that’s a big if), then holding onto the Senate becomes critical. If we have the presidency and the Senate, we will be able to maintain the Supreme Court and, then, be able to confirm, perhaps, two more judges who are committed to the Constitution. If these two election results are secured, then we can hope to have retaken the House.


With the control of all three branches we’d have the chance to once again make America a nation of law…one that protects the rights of the individual as the primary purpose of government. I say “chance” because all necessary actions must be accomplished by a recalcitrant Republican Party that has, all too frequently, turned its back on America. Having said that, I don’t want to be misunderstood.  I will vote for any Republican over any Democrat in any election. Their incompetence will always be preferable to the devious assault on America, conspiratorially being sustained by the Left.


But, if Trump doesn’t win, then, I believe, America’s degradation will continue past a point of salvation. Trump has been correct on every major issue facing America.  Like no other president in American political history, Trump has not backed down from his pursuit of the actions necessary to give America, “a new birth of Freedom.” While unmercifully being abused by people who have zero real accomplishments, Trump has retained his focus on making, “America Great Again.” …He, in contrast to all professional politicians feeding off the public trough, has not lived a life carefully sculpted to create a manipulative image designed to fool the gullible voters.   He has been a real person, with real accomplishments and occasional missteps. To condemn Trump is to condemn all of humanity, to laud Trump is to demonstrate a keen awareness of what “greatness” looks like to the contemporary mediocrity that surrounds it.  I believe we, as was the case of England with Churchill and America with Reagan, will only fully appreciate the greatness of Trump in a retrospective. We will look back, should it come to pass, of the 8 years of the Trump administration, as the, “Trump Era;” the 8 years when America was restored to its former greatness.


My prediction of a Trump victory in 2016 was an easy call.  Trump’s intentions, and popularity, could be clearly understood. What I didn’t, couldn’t, anticipate in November 2016 was the deepening, ongoing abuse of Trump by people whose only raison d’être was the destruction of the president.   I understood the Left would try to create chaos, but it was difficult to comprehend the depth of their malevolence.  I didn’t understand that the cowards of America would become deeply complicit in the Left’s attempt to destroy, not merely Donald Trump, but all his efforts to restore America to its former greatness. The subversive Left continues in their manipulations to undo the election results of 2016, and failing that, prevent Trump’s reelection in 2020.  If they succeed America is done. That latter remark was not pessimistic…it was realistic.


While there should be marginal concern with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran; the American political Left continues to be the most serious existential threat this nation faces…that is, if it is to have a future that matters.  If all external threats are eliminated, but the Progressive/Left prevails, America, as we know it, will cease to exist. They are the true enemy of our nation.  The Left is using every devious, illegal, tool at their disposal to achieve total power…once they have it, they will not yield it. Corruption may not achieve power, but once achieved, it is almost impossible to remove them because of that corruption. The Left continues to have but one barrier in their path…President Donald Trump.  They know it, but the rest of the political world floats around in some mindless version of La-La Land. RINOs continue to believe that Trump is being attacked because of his personal attributes. They refuse to see the obvious…Trump is attacked because he is “the last man standing for America.”


Trump remains the only warrior fighting for the integrity of the American system.  He fights alone; with no significant allies, minimal support from anyone in the media and no support from his party.  In the political world of the Washington swamp he is the only figure who is truly apolitical. He fights America’s battles and not the empty skirmishes of political parties. Like all great men, he is flawed, but he continues to risk, “his life, his fortune and his sacred honor.” If you are concerned with his supposed flaws you are playing the game created by the Democrat/Left. You are little more than their dupe…their useful idiot


If Trump falls under the corruptions that presently challenge him, then we all fall. If he falls, no one will ever again take on the swamp and the dissolute America it has created.  There is no one and nothing else worth supporting in America other than President Donald Trump…NO ONE and NOTHING. You may feel that’s hyperbolic…you’re wrong.  You have only one meaningful job as a patriotic American…supporting President Donald Trump…all else is but a mere distraction. This was true in the election of 2016 and it remains even more true today. That support can’t be offered with apologies…with regrets or with misgivings…it must be unqualified.  This is not an act of blind submission but, rather, a recognition that Trump still represents the only clear path to American renewal. The battles that are being fought will not be won by the faint of heart or those who try to protect their own egos by offering peripheral support to the only man trying to save the life of America.


“I ask myself what spell has fallen on intelligent and humane men that they allow themselves to be imposed on by this rabble of dolts, blackguards, imposters, quacks, liars, and, worst of all, credulous conscientious fools.”

— George Bernard Shaw

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