The Sprit of ’76, by Andrew Joppa


The Spirit of 76’

By Andy Joppa


On this July 4th I want to state without equivocation…I love America and all that it has meant to me and my family.  Nowhere on this planet could I have had a life that was defined primarily by two things, “could I do the job?” and then, “did I do the job?” That is all I could have asked for…no privilege…no leg up…no family advantage…just me (and my wife, of course). Nothing feels more rewarding than charting your own course through life, facing the storms, sailing through troubled waters, and reaching your chosen destination.  I am grateful to this country…but also proud that I was able to get it done. I am not special in this regard; that is what it was to be an American. It is the same story that most of you could tell…and have lived.


I am also grateful that I’m not a young man in todays’ America, aspiring to achieve life’s greatest satisfaction; that is, building a life from nothing.  Our nation has become so corrupted by those spoiled by their affluence, and so limited in their understanding of the vicissitudes that surround the normal life experience, that they’ve lost any understanding of how meaningful an American life was in the past.  Today, too many believe that life’s success was given to us…that we were just the fortunate recipients of the largess of a generous society. They have little awareness of the sacrifices that had to be made, the delayed gratification that had to be accepted, and the missed family dinners and ball games that had occurred; all too often, by unfortunate necessity. 


As I started to consider specific elements that had changed in the American experience, the list grew into the result you’ll see below.  76 separate items (it could have been more, but 76 seemed like the right place to stop), emerging in my lifetime, that have served to damage the American experience that was bequeathed to us by our founders.  I was surprised how easy it was for me to assemble this disparate grouping of thoughts, all suggesting new and disturbing implications about the current America.


The vast majority (but not all) of these negative elements have emerged as a result of the disturbed illogic of Leftist politics.  I am not one to believe this is all part of politics as normal. We are experiencing an assault on this nation that represents the greatest challenge to our future that we have ever faced.  Fortunately, we have one giant of a man who is on the side of America…the great Donald Trump.  After Trump’s second term ends in 2025, there is no doubt that the diseased Left will still be there, plotting our destruction.  I don’t know if we will come up with a man or woman who can even approximate the apolitical commitment that Trump has made to America…to us.  He is surely one of the great figures in American and world history.  At this point there is no one waiting in the wings to pick up the battle for America.  With the problems we face…and will continue to face…to not have a Donald Trump willing and able to fight for us, is the greatest worry I have for America.


For some of these points I have added, when I felt so inclined, a sarcastic aside, but, most stand on their own; each introduced with the words…” Only in America.”  I know many of these problems exist elsewhere…but my concern is only the America that surrounds me, the one I loved; the one that has become so deeply tarnished and scarred that it is scarcely recognizable. 


I make these points with the limited optimism that by seeing them in one focused grouping, that in some ill-defined manner, it will have some impact…somewhere. Time is running out.  If we don’t reestablish the truth and strength very soon, we will be consumed by our ignorance…and cowardice.  We cannot survive on the “blood” of only one man willing to sacrifice for America. I hope that some young Republican sees this list, or one like it, and says…”I want to do something to solve those problems.  I want to be the next Donald Trump.”


So let’s start: (I’ll make BOLD every other point for visibility)


 Only in America are you a racist if you don’t care about race. I seldom know what to do about this since…I don’t care about race.


Only in America is caring about non-Americans more meaningful than caring about Americans. Do you think the Left can picture them in the voting booth?


Only in America could an Al Sharpton, Ocasio-Cortez and a Colin Kaepernick be respected national figures with a large public following.


Only in America could a health care system that perfectly served 90% of the people be dismantled to provide mediocre care for the other 10%? Do you think they’ll replace my shoulder at the age of 76?


Only in America does hard work, resulting in great personal rewards, incur a guilt obligation towards those who haven’t.


Only in America are economic and political ends pursued that have always destroyed any nation willing to move in those directions. Yes, but it makes them feel so “special” about themselves.


Only in America do students emerge from higher education with little understanding of reality…or concern for it. Why do they want to give free college tuition…the answer: these are ideological indoctrination camps.


Only in America do we believe you’re a viable industry if you must use underpaid illegal labor. If you need criminals…you’re not an industry. By the way, I wouldn’t mind paying more for my tomatoes.


Only in America do we believe that our low-end entry workers should have their jobs usurped by illegal entrant labor.  I’ve heard they take jobs Americans don’t want…they would want them, of course, if the pay was higher and not suppressed by illegals.


Only in America is a conservative African American, not an African American. Think…Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams


Only in America do we believe federal judges should be doing what THEY think is right as compared to what is required by law. Roberts “thinks” he’s a good man…what he is is a bad jurist.


Only in America do we believe that a “right” can be defined in an area that REQUIRES someone to do something for you.  It begs the question of, “What if no one wants to do it?” What if no one wanted to give you medical care?


Only in America do we believe that almost anything can be done to “the few,” if it benefits “the many.”  Jeremy Bentham at his destructive best


Only in America do we believes that the entirety of a person’s income can be confiscated at any time by government fiat.  They probably won’t…but, maybe.


Only in America do we believe that the personal incentive to work is not the major factor in the output of work.  I’ve spent years teaching the opposite.


Only in America do we believe that anyone, in any job, is as good as anyone else in that same job.  We seem to reject this when we’re going for open-heart surgery.


Only in America do we believe that there are collective group characteristics; except, of course, if they’re negative.


Only in America do we believe that physiology is not part of gender.


Only in America do we believe all academic credentials, regardless of area of concentration, should result in equal economic outcomes.


Only in America do we believe that personal choices and behavior have little role to play in life outcomes.


Only in America do we believe that people in government jobs have chosen those positions to serve the public good. Really?


Only in America do we believe that being elected to public office creates an essential wisdom superior to the average individual. It seems often quite the opposite.


Only in America do we believe that all personal property can be confiscated for public benefit.


Only in America do we believe that lying to the FBI is a crime while their lying to us…isn’t.


Only in America do we believe intelligence can be measured by a person’s awareness of “apps.”


Only in America do we regard pregnancy as an illness, that should be covered by health care insurance.


Only in America do we believe that government can design and run complex human systems. If you have unlimited funds almost anything seems to work.


Only in America do we believe that competition, within all environments, should be eliminated.


Only in America do we believe that dislodging any authoritarian leader will produce good outcomes. Think the chaos after Quadaffi.


Only in America does it take village to raise a child…only, of course, when the parents have chosen not to.


Only in America do we believe that the ease of voting is more important than the legality of voting. Every illegal vote, different than mine, disenfranchises me.


Only in America do we believe that requiring a voter ID is discriminatory. How do they get their entitlement benefits?


Only in America is there a belief that millions of poorly educated agricultural workers can provide the quality future for our Democracy. Good luck with that.


Only in America is there a belief that if you are against illegal entrants that you are against immigrants.


Only in America are quality lives destroyed by unsubstantiated innuendos. That’s a lot of power to put in the hands of some drug addled, Leftist, brain.


Only in America are male attributes seen as inherently toxic.  Anything is toxic if your allergic to it…hard work, for example, might cause hives.


Only in America is Communism openly espoused as a campaign platform position. Most proponents are gathered inside university lecture halls.


Only in America are contrived polling results presented as s snapshot of reality. The 2016 elections should have ended that myth…but the charade goes on.


Only in America do we harbor a belief that the federal debt will be eliminated. Seriously? Politicians get elected by spending other people’s money…not saving it.


Only in America do we espouse free trade, while showing little concern for fair trade.  Only Trump seems to understand this problem.


Only in America do we believe that local economic positions can withstand any inclusion of unexpected populations. When schools open and 50% more kids show up than expected…you’ve got a problem.


Only in America do we believe that tens of thousands of the homeless living on your main streets is a sign of political health.  When it doesn’t pass “the smell test,” you’ve got a problem.


Only in America is it better to “sound good”, than “do good.”  Nothing dazzles Americans more than pretty words they don’t understand.  Think Obama.


Only in America do we believe people in the entertainment or sports industries have anything to offer based on that characteristic alone. Go Lebron, Go.


Only in America do we believe any noise is music and any blob of paint is art. By that reckoning I am a brilliant artist.


Only in America is a country blamed for negative end results when people illegally and knowingly cross its border…putting themselves at risk. Does personal responsibility count?


Only in America can a country be accused of being anti-immigrant when most of its citizens come from LEGAL immigrants.


Only in America can a country be described as law abiding when it constantly operates outside its own Constitution.


Only in America has a nation’s own intelligence agencies become the greatest threat to its security.


Only in America can a nation build its future by totally rejecting its glorious past.


Only in America are there few universities offering a course in American History.


Only in America are states punished for upholding Federal law and rewarded for rejecting it.


Only in America has childhood been extended to a person’s late forties…and beyond.


Only in America does a country with many mind-altered citizens promote the legal sale of mind-altering drugs…for a profit.


Only in America is there a health insurance program whose deductible will bankrupt most people who try to use it.


Only in America do we produce “educated” people who know the drummer of “Purple Frogs” but not the enemy combatants in WWII.


Only in America do half of their citizens hate capitalism while not having the slightest idea what it is.


Only in America does the “means justify the means” …” the ends” don’t even enter the picture.


Only in America does everyone support big government…even those that hate big government.


Only in America does being 1/32 of something, define you by that 1/32.


Only in America can a man feel like a woman…go through the process of becoming one…and then, become a lesbian. WHAT?


Only in America can someone who is white, be classified as a supremacist, merely because they are white.


Only in America can an “unbiased” news media member cry when their favored candidate doesn’t win.


Only in America can a political party’s three best presidents (ever) be ones that the party did everything they could to destroy… (Lincoln, Reagan, Trump)


Only in America do minority groups support a political party that has been the cause of their problems.


Only in America are those politically disagreed with, taunted, harassed, pursued and, sometimes physically assaulted.


Only in America is a country accused of being racist while it has created for that race, and everyone else, the highest standard of living anywhere on earth.


Only in America is the newspaper of record a propaganda arm of a political party.


Only in America do the top 1 percent pay a greater share of individual income taxes (39.5 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (29.1 percent) …and they are accused of not paying their fair share…HUH?


Only in America does a person create new wealth, thousands of jobs, and pay millions in taxes, and then get insulted as greedy because they have a lot of nice things that others don’t.


Only is America does a man totally obfuscate and distort their life background and when someone questions all of that…they’re called a “birther.”


Only in America do people make the dubious claim that the world is on the brink of destruction from carbon, then fly to an event in their private jet.


Only in America do federal politicians enter politics in the middle class and leave as “One Percenters.”


Only in America is the stated desire to be “left alone” seen as hostile position.


Only in America are its prisons used as methods for political coercive tortures.  These are the same ones we can’t use against terrorists to save American lives.


So, there you have it.   A nation that I love is being assaulted by other Americans who seem to despise all that it has been and all that it is.  It is not these malcontents who worry me the most. It is most frightening to consider that they are not trying to create a constituency with their empty bombast; they are appealing to a constituency that already exists…one that is getting larger and larger with each election cycle.  Each two years there are two more university graduating classes and rapidly increasing minority populations being catered to by Leftist lies.  The Left’s field operatives are already seeking to register all the previously unregistered legal voters. 


I won’t even speak to the potential of those who will be able to vote with no legal right to do so.  It will happen, the only question is how large that number will be.  The Republican Party members (I am Republican) have shown no inclination to risk their political future to accomplish what must be done for America.  Once again…we need more Donald Trumps…they are not, however, easy to come by in a culture that has lost its way.


If we don’t act wisely, the fireworks on July 4th, will be the report of weapons in the future.

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