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The Costs and Consequences of Dodd-Frank

On Friday’s show, the President and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability Tarren Bragdon and I discuss Obamacare, www.healthcare.gov, and King v Burwell Supreme Court Case. FGCU Economics Professor Dean Stansel and I discuss the cost and other consequences of Dodd-Frank. The author of “Where Should We Eat” Sharon Kenny and I dining opportunities on the Paradise Coast. We ... Read More »

Physician Availability in the Era of Obamacare

On Thursday’s show, we discuss physician availability and the changing environment for healthcare professionals in the era of Obamacare with Dr. Allen Weiss, the President and CEO of NCH Healthcare and with practicing physician Dr. Gerard Gianoli. We also visit with Naples City Councilman Bill Barnett . Please join us on Friday for interviews with terrific guests including U.S. Senator ... Read More »

Obamacare Goes to Court

On Wednesday’s show, we discuss the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Obamacare with the Chairman of the Cato Institute Bob Levy. We also visit with the Founder and President of Students for Liberty Alexander McCobin, the Founder and President of Maximize Your Talent Art DeLorenzo, and Newsmax columnist Larry Bell. We have terrific guests scheduled for Thursday’s show including the ... Read More »