Some Thoughts… Among Many

Some Thoughts…Among Many

by Andy Joppa


“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”

― Carl Sagan

As I sat pondering what to write about, I was continually redirected mid-sentence with the thought that some other area warranted more of my attention.  There are moments when the problems effecting America are so numerous that it seems senseless to offer a sole focus on any one of them.  Now is one of those moments. To minimize my dilemma of trying to prioritize the “unprioritizable” I have taken the “easy” way out…I’ll offer limited comments on as a many, as my commitment to a thousand-word essay will allow.


First, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his findings recently released to Congress. In criminal cases, when the defendant is found guilty, it is beyond a reasonable doubt.  Many of these convictions are derived from an overwhelming mass of circumstantial evidence.  Few convictions result from “documented” evidence or information.  That is, there are seldom videos, unwavering eye-witness testimonies, or emails where they confessed, “I did it.” The irrefutable weight of circumstantial evidence provides all that is needed for the guilty verdict.


DOJ Inspector General Horowitz, however, invoked a standard which has little validity within legal parlance.  He offered that the devastating bias within the FBI could not be “documented” as having affected their subsequent actions. There was a clearly recognized bias and an incontrovertible mass of circumstantial evidence to document the impact of that bias on their subsequent actions.  Those members of the FBI are guilty of sedition and must be dealt with accordingly.  Sedition is a revolt or an incitement to revolt against established authority, usually in the form of Treason or Defamation against government.  Lest it be forgotten…Donald Trump is one third of the Federal Government…he is not merely a citizen.  If their acts were not seditious they cannot otherwise be defined.


Second, is the constant manipulation of the American mind-set using the phrase “American values.”  In its more dramatic form it is stated as, “We are America, and we are better than that” (“that” being the topic du jour).  These thoughts are introduced accompanied with a presumption that these values alone should serve as a basis for action.  It is, however, that presumption that guides the actions of all tyrannies; law does not guide them…only their values…values, perhaps, of dubious worth.  Actions of government in a Constitutional Republic, however, must only result from the application of law.


Where “values” do play a role…an important role…and their only role… is in the legislative creation of law.  Values cannot be acted on as if they are an independent source of authority.  Since values are subjective, interpretive and shifting, their use as a source of action is little more than anarchy. When you hear the phrase “American values” be prepared to see your government being asked to act without legal authority.


Third, and another phrase that demands that you check your “political wallet” is any idea or concept containing the word…child…or children…or young people…or students…or our “young ‘uns.” As with values, these words are invoked as irresistible demands for action.  When the “young students” from Parkland offered their unmeasured words on gun control the society spasmed to give them legitimacy.  The Left knows that when children are included in any argument their chances of “winning” are vastly enhanced.


More immediately, we can see the artificially contrived and inflated issue of the “horror “of children being separated from their parents at the border. Once the Left establishes an agenda issue, and you participate, you lose.   You know that the Left thinks this is a “winning hand” as all their politicos make it their talking centerpiece with some even invoking a comparison to the actions of the Third Reich.  The hyperbole and offensiveness of these thoughts is outrageous. Do they have any idea what happened to children seen as “enemies” of the Reich?


Regardless that none of this separation is happening at legitimate points of entry…regardless of the fact that children were previously sent here en masse, on their own, by their “parents”…regardless of the fact that many children are accompanied by ill-defined, non-parental adults…regardless of the very humane treatment extended to all when it does happen by necessity…regardless of no measured harm impacting these children…regardless…our government is asked to push aside the demands of existing law and the myriad of critical issues surrounding illegal entry, and act…act because the word “children” has been invoked.


Fourth, the investigations of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The IG report has made it clear that much of the origin of this process was driven primarily by the biased initiatives of anti-Trump fanatics.  The IG’s deeper findings still lie ahead. Now, more than a year into its process not a shred of evidence…even circumstantial… has been found to indicate collusion between Trump (or his staff) with operatives of the Russian government.  Mueller himself is suspect within his motivations, as are all of his legal staff.  Yet, his potential conclusions, including indictment, hangs like “Sword of Damocles” over the head of President Trump.


It is difficult to believe that Mueller and the political Left have come this far…with so much energy being expended….to arrive at a conclusion that Trump is “innocent” of any allegations.  Make no mistake, if Mueller contrives any illegal violation by President Trump and a Grand Jury indicts (his two empaneled Grand Juries are overwhelmingly Liberal and would indict a “ham sandwich) …then all bets are off.  America will invoke its standard obligatory phrases…the law must be served…and no one is above the law.  The origin of this biased process will be left behind…forgotten and ignored… and all that will matter is Mueller’s conclusion…one derived from a misuse of law for political purpose.  I can already hear the political caterwauling that “law” is all that matters, ignoring the fact that subjective and biased application of the law is indistinguishable from tyrannical anarchy.


Our problems as a nation are enormous.  Most of them are internal and many of them cultural.  As with any disease, it is the accurate diagnosis that goes the furthest toward curing a problem and preventing its recurrence.  At this point we function aimlessly, putting band-aids on potentially fatal wounds. We must become more heroic in our defense of America. We are facing a political enemy who functions without scruples and without a concern for our nation.


“The strong survive, but the courageous triumph.”

― Michael Scott

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