Our Founders Hated the Mob – by Andrew Joppa (5/2)

America is a Constitutional Republic. We are not a democracy and were specifically designed to avoid the dangers that were inevitable in that form of government. It would be an understatement to say that the Founding Fathers hated democracy. They warned against it vehemently and relentlessly. They equated it-properly-with mob rule.

In an oft quoted analogy it was once remarked that, in a democracy, two wolves and a sheep take a majority vote on what’s for supper, while in a constitutional republic, the wolves are forbidden on voting on what’s for supper and the sheep are well armed. America has done a remarkable job in keeping the wolves at bay. That is, we have kept the majority from damaging the minority. Where we have failed…and continue to fail…is keeping the minority from damaging the majority. The analogy above leaves unanswered the question of what do we do when the sheep are well armed and violent and the wolves are neutered in their response? Certainly the imposed will of the minority on the majority is just as grotesque as it’s opposite.
This danger was best summed up by Cicero and reflects much of what is going on in modern America. Cicero said, “No tempest or conflagration, however great, is harder to quell than the mob carried away by the novelty of power.” This is what we are experiencing in Baltimore. Not only has law been usurped by mob violence or threat of violence but almost all legitimate voices have been silenced out of fear; fear of appearing to be insensitive, fear of losing power, fear of being attacked by the media and ridiculed or, in some cases, actual physical fear.
We have reached a tipping point. Anarchists and anti-Americans are marching in almost every major city. The problems of the inner city are misdiagnosed by both political parties. The Left says the inner city dilemma is a derivative of white oppression. They are wrong. The Right says the problems are caused by liberal welfare programs. They are wrong. The problems of the inner city in America are intrinsic to the inner city itself. There are no policy shifts nor amount of money that might be spent that would alleviate the “problems.” Any attempt to do “more” for that community will not only be useless but will have negative implications. This remark can be logically measured against the failure to accomplish anything of value by the 50 trillion dollars spent in social welfare programs and the deepening laws protecting the inner city community.
The problem seems intractable and hopeless. Actually it’s just the opposite. There is, in fact, no problem. However, as with the hypochondriac, if we believe we’re ill and act in that manner then we will commit our lives to solving a problem that doesn’t exist. That is exactly what we are doing…we are trying to cure a disease that doesn’t exist. The mob cannot be catered to…the struggles cannot be owned elsewhere…immutable, objective law must dominate…group statistical identity cannot dictate the discussion. Individuals must make healthy personal choices or not…it’s called life. “Communities” do not progress; only individuals can progress. As long as the focus remains on the non-existent phenomenon called “community” then the individual challenge for personal growth is negated. People are not a community…they are exclusively and only who they are. If I am idiot and come from a group of geniuses I am still an idiot and if I am a genius and I come from a group of idiots I am still a genius.
The Founders, who hated democracy, gave us a free country. Our ignorance of history, which has led to a love of democracy, is causing us to surrender our freedoms at an alarming rate. Whether democracy is fulfilled nationally or locally… voting for evil or ignorance does not legitimize evil or ignorance.