Our Common Enemy: Racial Racketeers, by Andrew Joppa

Our Common Enemy: Racial Racketeers

by Andy Joppa


“Pit race against race, religion against religion, prejudice against prejudice. Divide and conquer! We must not let that happen here.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt


There is no doubt that America has a long and checkered past as it pertains to race and race relations. The incongruity of a nation that was both immersed in the horrors of slavery and was then willing to fight a civil war to end it, can’t be ignored. Both were acts of the same nation. After that war, Blacks continued, however, to experience the negative impact of racism from Jim Crow laws that served as serious impediments to progress for many of our Black citizens. Despite these barriers, Black economic and political progress continued through the 1940’s.  Their families were together and the future looked better than it had ever looked for this long-suffering population. It was at this point, unfortunately, that Blacks, primarily inner-city Blacks, began to experience the impact of Democrat/Progressive economic and social programs.


More than the damage being done by racists or the residual of Jim Crow, it was these political/social programs of the Left that continued to create barriers to Blacks moving forward.  Although many Blacks have, through the strength of their own efforts, achieved high levels of success, it is the inner-city Blacks that have lagged considerably behind. It is these big city Blacks that have become the primary focus of the machinations of the Democrat/Left.


The same Democrat/Leftists who created programs that kept Blacks in hopelessness, also began to understand the wider advantage of using race as a total weapon in their political wars.  Their abuse of the Black community became politically “institutionalized,” and they used this community’s anguish to focus on Republicans as being the cause. It was the perfect storm for Democrat politics…create the problem and blame the opposition and its members….then harvest the votes.


 Over the following years the Democrats became even more sophisticated, as they honed their race baiting skills into a work of art.  Now, everyone who disagreed with them, or anyone who commented on the inner-city behaviors that they had created and provoked, potentially became a racist. They created fear in their critics of being labeled a racist, that caused most to withdraw from commenting on the damage the Left was causing America. That is where we are now…and this is what I will write about. Certainly, the biggest victim of these Democrats has been the inner-city Blacks…but, we all pay a price. It is indeed unfortunate that these victims have not been able to understand or identify their enemy.


So, let’s get started in an attempt to prevent these racial racketeers from continuing their destruction of innocent lives… White lives, the lives of the struggling inner-city Black community and primarily…the life of America itself.

This is not a topic that lends itself to brevity.  The points I make are nuanced and all the words necessary for clarity must be invoked.  I trust you will bear with me.


As with many White male professionals, I was concerned with being focused on and labeled a racist. This concern grew as the weaponizing of race, as a political tool, became more common…and alarming.  While any labeling of this type in my regard would have been outlandish, I had seen too many lives destroyed to ignore the potential if it might occur and, in fact, that accusation was hurled at me twice.  These events are both very revealing.


One event occurred when I ran for the Peekskill Board of Education and supported the use of the SATs as one of many measurements that should be used for college admission.  I was called a racist since Blacks, on average,underperform on the SATs.  The need to perform well in math is critical to predict success in, let’s say, an actuarial college, and this is well documented, as is the need to perform well in English to succeed at any quality liberal arts college.  Yet, by suggesting the use of this important measurement, cries of “racism” went up from the audience.


My support of a nationally used, widely accepted, objective device, to determine level of competency in critical areas, turned me into a racist.  No suggestion was made that my position or logic were incorrect.  I was a racist for merely supporting a method that produced lower levels of performance, on average, than Whites or Asians.


This concept of, “on average,” must be understood.  Any individual Black might perform at a higher level than any White or Asian and they, of course, must be reacted to entirely on their own individual merit.  In other words, average performance of a group has nothing to do with individual members of that group…yet, I was a racist for supporting the SATs.


The second event occurred when I hosted a meeting on race relations and offered that I didn’t care about race as it never enters into my conscious decision-making process; that I never think about a person’s race, nor do I care about it when interacting with any individual. Cries of racism went up from several members of my large audience. Incredibly, by not caring about a person’s race…I became a racist.


These two examples may tell you all you need to know about racism and race relations, in America.  Almost all of it is a variation of my two “racial faux pas;” all possibly resulting in an allegation of racism being made.


At this point, this potentiality of being called a racist is especially worrisome for any White male, who wades into the racism debate…even if they don’t know they’re doing it…as was true in both of my examples.  That’s why Eric Holder was right (perhaps the only time he was), but not for the reason he made the comment…Holder said, ”We are cowards when it comes to talking about race.”  Holder was suggesting that Whites were afraid of exposing their inherent levels of racism. But, in this essay, I will do just the opposite… making me either a hero of sorts, or a fool…or both.  However, exposing this destructive racial charade is worth the risk.


With all that in mind, here is my disclaimer to any future allegation of racism from the Left; while not quite a mylar vest…it might deflect some of the possible attacks that could occur.  Incidentally…the mere fact that I feel the need to do this, tells you a lot about the unfortunate state of race relations in America. I am worried that my entire “exemplary” life and personal reputation might be negated, if I use the wrong adjective or pronoun modifier in an essay or while making a public presentation.   While we should be working together for the common good, the Racial Racketeers make their living by keeping us divided. It’s a con game where everyone is a victim… except the Racketeers.


So, let’s get started. This disclaimer could be longer, but you’ll get the idea…I am provably, not a racist. Incidentally, this isn’t one of those “some of best friends are…” comments; although there is an opening with a hint of that.  If you see it that way…please don’t call me a racist…I’ve still got bills to pay.


One of my best friends for many years was, and is, a Ugandan national.  I had chosen him to replace me in my administrative (not faculty) responsibilities when I retired.  He also went to my son’s wedding (traveling a long distance) and was, and is, one of the finest men I’ve ever known.


I recruited, and persuaded the NAACP to support, a Black candidate for the Peekskill Board of Education. He won handily, defeating a, now, former White friend of mine….my friend wasn’t getting the job done.


Perhaps 40% of my students were Black and, as graduating seniors, supported my being named faculty member of the year…5 times.  I found that the Blacks I knew were almost all superior to their political leadership.


Locally, I was a major supporter of the fine gentlemen, Byron Donalds, and introduced him at four of his rallies when he was running for Congress.


My son’s best friend since kindergarten is a Black fellow and he almost lived at my house.  I like him a lot. His father was the VP of the local NAACP, a good friend of mine, and my son was a member of his musical quartet that played at all the local Black churches.


OK…that’s enough…you probably have comparable stories.  But, in fact, there’s no degree of prior life activities that I could present, that would completely shield me from being called a racist…if the Left merely decides to do so.  A racist in America is almost always, whoever the Left says is a racist. They will first make the charge…then invent the reason. The Left and their media minions have become the arbiters of racism. Nearly any action you take, or words you say, can be warped into allegations of racism and will suffice to serve their nefarious purpose.  If they want to getcha’…they’ll getcha’.  Your life is balanced delicately in their corrupt political hands.


My thoughts on racism will be comprised of a listing of my basic premises pertaining to this subject. I will try to isolate on the various parts of the manipulative constructs created by the Democrat Left.


1) Racism is exclusively a reaction to a person based on the biology of their race. It can be the entirety of the reaction or a profound modifier of any other reaction. While this seems obvious, it is seldom the actual criteria used in America to assess racism. True racism must be reflected in a chosen behavior…not just a thought or an emotion. In other words, I a free nation you are permitted to “hate” whoever you want…you are not allowed to get in someone’s way because of it. It requires specific actions be taken that will interfere with the life results of the effected person. In other words, it must have impact.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 wasn’t just written to protect Blacks from White discrimination…but all of us from any racial discrimination. 


To further clarify…an act can be racist without it being an act of racism.  In fact, most accusations are derived from racist moments, rather than the more egregious moments of racism. A person in a private phone conversation may refer to Blacks in a derogatory manner.  That comment may be racist, but unless it gets extended into actions that would interfere with the life process of a Black it is not racism. For example: it was recently revealed that Ronald Reagan, in a private phone conversation with Richard Nixon, referred to African delegates to the United Nations in a derogatory manner. The comment was indeed racist but displayed no characteristic of racism.  Without being too cavalier I would offer, ”So what.”   When any word spoken by intimates…political, friends or bed partners, can, at a later point if they become known, be the basis for the destruction of a person’s reputation, it seems we’re looking at an insidious processthat is far more dangerous than the uttering of the original privy comment.


2) Based on the consideration above, there is no institutional racism in America and a near zero amount from non-institutional sources. Keeping all else equal,there is no documentation that race or racism, Whites against Blacks, effects life outcomes in America.


3) Regardless of the objective documentation that can be supplied for Number 2, there remains a persistence of the allegations of widespread American racism.  It has become the basis for Democrat politics and a cottage industry for Black “leadership.” If there was no Racism…it would have to be invented…and has been (see Jussie Smollett).  In fact, racism is so invisible that its proponents say it can’t even be seen…it takes place at the unmeasurable sub-liminal level and can only be assessed where there is e negative outcome in the Black community.


To clarify, even where there is no visible manifestation of racism, if there a negative outcome, that will document its existence.


4) Since, as in Number 3, the allegations of racism provides much of the ideological underpinnings of the Democrat Party, it will never disappear in America.  Even if hypothetically there was absolutely zero racism, no one would ever tell you. The words, “There is no racism in America” will never be heard. Too many people make a living off its existence. (Al Sharpton would have to go on welfare)


5) Racism is even presumed when a person doesn’t care about race (see my personal example above). Incongruously, if you’re not willing to immerse yourself in race you are a racist. Therefore, the more that real racism disappears, the greater is the chance a person will be seen as a racist. This essay would be defined as racist since it takes a position there is little to no racism.


6) In America, every negative comment directed toward any Black who is a political Liberal stands eligible to be interpreted as racist.  No prior actions of a Black will have any explanatory impact on the charge of racism.  For example: Ilhan Omar and Elijah Cummings have both distorted reality in a destructive manner. Challenging them is about their behavior…not their race.


7) The inverse corollary of number 6 is… any negative comment directed toward a Black who is a political conservative will never be given any racist connotation. The “logic” in this regard is, “You can’t be racist towards a conservative Black since they really aren’t Black.” (see Number 8 below)


8) Any Black who does not accept and follow the Democrat progressive ideology will not be considered to be a Black. As in Number 7, race is politically more a behavior, than a biologic condition.


9) The statements in Number 6, 7 and, 8, all document that race is primarily a factor of behavior not biology.


10)  Any negative stereotyping comment made about Blacks is appropriately, and always, unacceptable, and should be condemned. However, and unfortunately, positive stereotyping comments are made and are all accepted. However, this latter gives license to the former. (“Black is beautiful” as but one example)


11) The premise that Blacks cannot be racist is patently absurd. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race…period.  Anytime you react directly with another person entirely based on their biologic race…you are a racist. The, often, sweeping condemnation of Whites, based exclusively on this factor, is an outrage. If power is a necessary criterion, who holds more power than Black leadership that make White knees buckle with the possibility of racist accusations. Who holds more power than the Black political leadership in a countless number of American cities? Undoubtedly, most racist comments and actions, are from Black leaders, both political and civil, directed toward Whites.  When lives can be destroyed at their whim…they hold an enormous amount of power. This is the only true measurable racism in America.


12) Since most Whites have little interest in race, including their own, the situation in Number 11 gets ignored. Most Whites just don’t care about this nonsense. They have better things to do with their time.


13) The major underpinning of allegations of American racism occurs in the circumstance where Blacks are “underrepresented” in any area of endeavor.Any under representation is presumed to be a case of de facto racism. This is the unconstitutional basis for affirmative action. AA ignores everything we know about normal statistical variation. Think of the NBA and NHL.


14) Number 13 is only “true” where the numbers are created by choice or by any method where performance is not measured or measurable.  For example: There was no lament when the winning United States high school team, in the International Math Olympiad, was comprised of 5 American-Asians and 1 American-White. My only question is, ”How did the White guy get in there?”Surprisingly, as a White-male, I don’t feel threatened.


Why weren’t there charges of racism?  Simply, it would have been ridiculous, even for the racial racketeers, to challenge an objectively measured and created grouping.  It would have exposed the absolute nonsense of the affirmative action scheme.


15) Historical grievances cannot be undone, or even reacted to, in the current era.  Only those who were immediately impacted can seek redress.  Theoretically, we are all entitled to reparations from someone…if we go back far enough.  Charles III of Spain owes me big-time…as do Ferdinand and Isabella and Louis XIV of France.  I’ll take my reparations in cash…no checks.


16) The theoretical impact of racism, as being the exclusive factor in under performance or poor economic attainment of inner-city Black communities, prevents a deeper exploration of other causes which, if identified and dealt with, might end many of the problems. The Left, of course, has no interest in ending racial problems…only creating them.


17) Extended from number 16…Democrat Leftists have a vested interest in keeping the inner-city Black population in a state of economic and social turmoil and despair.  It becomes a variation of the Stockholm Syndrome where the victims begin to admire their abuser. The number of Blacks supporting Liberal/Progressives, is one of the great mysteries of American politics.


18) It has been offered that Whites with power have special privilege.  Of course, you could drop the word “Whites” and have the same thought…that is, anyone with power has special privilege.  For example: “Blacks with power have special privilege,” would be just as true. Do you really think that Barack Obama became president because of his competency or experience? He had neither.


19)  Blacks tend to believe that Whites think about them all the time; that is, many White lives are spent scheming against Blacks.  In fact, Whites very seldom think about Blacks… or even about Whites; they’re far too busy thinking about themselves or their families. Most Whites don’t even remember they’re White until you remind them.  I didn’t find out I was White till I entered the service and they asked me.  I had to tap the shoulder of the guy ahead of me to find out.


20)  The major burden and virtue of being White are the same thing.  When you’re a White (male, at least) you have no place to hide.  If Harry the White guy fails…Harry fails…he has no cover.  He cannot claim victimhood. That burden is also a virtue.  With no place to hide, Harry tends to make every effort to not fail and have the long ugly finger of failure pointed at him.  Failure for Whites is personal.  Failure for Blacks is about groups.


21) Whites (males) do not live vicariously through the success of other Whites(see number 20).  If some White guy succeeds at something they couldn’t care less unless it pays their bills.  It is only their own success or their children’s that matter.  Whiteness means next to nothing to most Whites. Whites don’t exalt in the achievements of other Whites. We have no secret handshake, nor we meet in secret candle lighted enclaves to plot our next outrage. Sure, there is some demented skinhead White kid with a German tattoo on his forehead, that hates Blacks (among others.)  Let me tell you, the rest of us Whites dislike him as much as the Blacks do.


Well, there you have it.  In 21 purposeful statements on race and racism, I have skewered the “monster” and made it go limp under the barrage of my unyielding an irrefutable logic. No, of course I didn’t and couldn’t. That is not possible, and allegations of racism will live on…they are immortal and have a life of their own.


If faux racism creates good paydays and political success for the racketeers, it will be never end. While I added some marginal humor to this normally somber concept, I did so since so much of it is absurd and needs to be dealt with in that fashion. Perhaps, if they had laughed at Robespierre that would have shut down the guillotine during The French Revolution.  Of course, I harbor no such false optimism that this is possible for America.  We are a nation of racial cowards and, because we are, the racial racketeers will have their way with us.  The “us” in that comment are all Whites and Blacks who fall victim to these racial racketeers.


Of course, once this racial manipulation worked so well for the devious Left, they couldn’t let such an effective approach go to waste.  They’ve extended it in a similar manner to the ways I’ve described into the areas of gender and ethnicity. BUT… The training ground for all these approaches for Democrat power and control…was race.  The complete version…now all in one convenient package…is “Intersectionality.” (see my prior essay on this topic)


One final thought: If Donald Trump is a racist (and he’s not), the Black inner-city community needs dozens more…just like him. Then and only then, could they lead the lives they’re entitled to as American citizens.


“Hating people because of their color is wrong. And it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong.”
― Muhammad Ali

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