“Nurturing the Young” for Professions in Healthcare

“Nurturing the Young” for Professions in Healthcare

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On Thursday’s show, we visit with Lacy Turnbull, medical student at Central Florida University and Dr. Allen Weiss, President and CEO of NCH Healthcare, visit about the importance of “nurturing the young” for the future success of healthcare on the Paradise Coast. Our State Representative, Byron Donalds, and I discuss the governor’s race in Florida as well as the President’s campaign against “fake news.” Seton Motley, the Founder and President of Less Government and I discuss the push by special interests and “big tech” to reinstate “Net Neutrality.”

Please join us tomorrow for a terrific show including special guests: the co-founder of the Florida Citizens’ Alliance Keith Flaugh, local political activist David Bolduc, and the Founder and President of Executive Management Services and author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep” Dave Bego.

Please join us live a little before 7 a.m. or in archives at your convenience.

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