Ninety-Nine for a Rainy Day – Andrew Joppa (9/11)

Here are ninety-nine of my random…and in some cases, previously undisclosed, thoughts. If you agree with all of them it would certainly surprise me… and should worry you. I have always felt that short, pithy, statements can have more impact than full tomes. Of course, not every pearl is a “keeper.” I have not prioritized these thoughts nor are they comprehensive.

1. There certainly is climate change. I’m absolutely sure of this because there has always been climate change. The one thing that is equally sure is man’s activity is playing almost no part in any climate change… or global warming.

2. The most likely catastrophic changing of climate will be a return of some variation of the Ice Age. Humanity has only existed and progressed within a very narrow range of temperature. Whenever cold has dominated, humanity has regressed. When warming has occurred… quite naturally… mankind has progressed. Our fear should be about the return of Ice Age.

3. If you really think there’s a problem with Carbon output then push to develop cleaner utilization of all fossil fuels… and then give this technology to China, India and Russia. If not…our reductions cannot matter at all.

4. If the environmental radicals are right (and they are not)…it’s too late to do anything about it anyway.

5. The AGW debate is entirely political. Follow the money…it rewards “scientists” for documenting this hoax.

6. Racism plays very little part in life outcomes in America. If, however, the life outcomes on average for African-Americans continues to be less than that of white Americans, then the existence of racism will always be put forward.

7. No one has a right to enter America who we have not authorized to be in America….I really don’t care how nice the people are who broke into my house.

8. Without the respect for law we are nothing…if you don’t like it…act legally to change it.

9. To be an American means to revere the Constitution. For that reason the phrase “We the People” rings hollow…all too few revere that document.

10. Freedom of speech exists to protect offensive free speech. If it’s not offensive it doesn’t need protection.

11. There is no guarantee of continued human progress. This is an erroneous presumption of the mind of modern man that has no way of contemplating a reversal of the movement forward.

12. Good war causes peace. Bad peace causes war. Peace and war are merely variants of the same subject.

13. Being educated is not merely being registered in a school… it means you know something about reality.

14. There are many variations of compensation in a job. Money is but one type of compensation.

15. Evil can best be defined as the actions of psychopaths and sociopaths…many of them rise to positions of leadership…4% in the general population…25% in leadership roles.

16. The road to hell has always been paved with good intentions.

17. The most significant failure of government (among many) is ignoring the law of unintended consequences. What they “did” wasn’t the problem…what happened that they didn’t expect was the problem

18. If the mission is critical then boots on the ground are necessary…this is why we have “boots.”

19. I exist as a universe unto myself…. This is up to but excluding any damage to the rights of others. My government must see me that way.

20. Do not judge me by what I say judge me by what I do. This is always true about politicians.

21. Judge and stand ready to be judged. Hypocrisy, not judgment, is the problem.

22. Ethics and morality are not the same subject. Morality is a popularity contest…ethics are a universal.

23. When your house is burning down is not when you should be cleaning the windows. Our national house is burning down and our politicians deal with minutia.

24. If we don’t think actors are what they say in their roles why do we think that politicians are what they say in their speeches?

25. I am not religious any more than I’m a nuclear physicist. That doesn’t mean I think that nuclear physics isn’t important.

26. Only humans appreciate the beauty of other life forms…the other life forms couldn’t care less about each other aside from being food. A lion would eat the last gazelle as a snack.

27. All politics and economics is divided into collectivism or individualism. All other concepts merely obfuscate the issue.

28. You can’t have a redistribution of wealth…there was never an initial “distribution.”

29. The word “European” has little meaning…a Swede and an Italian have little in common.

30. Discrimination against incoming immigrants is critical for assimilation to take place. This is a tough one. I am not advocating…only noting that reality.

31. America is a superstar culture…founded by those escaping persecution and supplemented by many filtered immigrant waves into our melting pot.

32. It is always easy to be generous if you’re giving away other people’s money. When I hear the government has been generous I get a bit queasy.

33. To be found “not guilty” or “guilty” after a trial does not deprive me of my right to a personal perspective of guilt or innocence. A trial is only about punishment. OJ was guilty.

34. All religions are not the same…in some cases they are diametrically opposed in values.

35. Leadership is situational…if all is well, then you need a nurturing leader who doesn’t rock the boat…if things are bad, we need someone who comes in and creates a storm.

36. If the Supreme Court rules in opposition to the Constitution they don’t have to be obeyed. If they said there was no freedom of speech who would care?

37. Islam is dedicated to jihad….violent or subversive jihad….but jihad nevertheless.

38. Christianity is pluralistic. It must always be explored within its particular faction.

39. Terrorists are not protected under any rules of engagement. You can do with them whatever you find necessary. They are roughage on a battlefield.

40. For political popularity, today is always more important than tomorrow. Beware of the “tyranny of today.”

41. A standing Congressional committee must be created to assess the eligibility of Presidential candidates. Vagueness is never healthy in a society of law.

42. For those that favor reparation for slavery…I agree… reparation should be paid to anyone that actually was a slave.

43. During the Civil War was it really necessary to sacrifice the lives of over 700,000 people to stop secession? Really?

44. Government should have no power that is not legally authorized and absolutely necessary for its functioning.

45. Because something is legally authorized doesn’t mean you have to do it. Authorization is not a requirement. I have freedom of speech…I don’t have to speak.

46. Inflation is a tax. If the government funds itself in a manner that causes inflation it is a hidden, and illegal, tax.

47. The IRS is too big, too complicated, and too clandestine to be allowed to exist in a free nation.

48. I will not and cannot yield any of my unalienable rights to gain security…they are unalienable…hence, they are not in play.

49. Government officials are our servants not our masters. That includes The Supremes and The President.

50. The biggest threat to our freedom is our own Federal government. Nothing else is even close.

51. I think anyone should be allowed to give as much of their wealth as they want to the Federal government…just leave me out.

52. I no longer pay Federal taxes as a derivative of moral obligation…I pay exclusively to avoid being arrested.

53. If America is racist it certainly has failed at accomplishing its purpose.

54. I see no greater value in the potentials of a one year old child as compared to the reality of a 70 year old adult proven contributor. Maybe it’s because of my age that I feel that way.

55. Pope Francis, within his advocacies, is seriously damaging the well-being of the poor over the long run.

56. We should believe what nations say about themselves…and us. We gain the right to act on their verbosity.

57. I find no enhanced value achieved by harvesting those who normally don’t vote and busing them to polling places.

58. Having voter ID’s is so obvious a need I won’t even comment.

59. People are not paid because their job is valuable…they are paid because it can be afforded and the supply of people who can do that job is limited.

60. The Founders were wiser and better read than almost all of those in government today.

61. Almost all complicated systems eventually fail since we know very little about systems.

62. Technological advance is not the same as (or even related to) intellectual or moral advance.

63. In most ways Robert E. Lee was a better man than Abraham Lincoln…especially as it pertains to racial issues.

64. How would George Bush have known that Hussein didn’t have WMDs? Hussein’s own generals thought he had them.

65. Retrospective questions are useless. Retrospectively I would have negotiated a peace with Germany in late 1944 and attacked the Soviet Union…I wouldn’t have entered WWI or fought the Civil War…so what?

66. Nuclear weapons prevented a devastating conventional war between the West and Soviet Union from the early 1950’s forward.

67. I think women should demand the right to play on the men’s tennis and golf tour.

68. The word “corporation” and Wall Street are not synonymous.

69. I do not regard it as significant when someone is “appointed” to any position…being elected is only slightly more meaningful.

70. Genius in one area is not necessarily genius in every area. Do you hear me Stephen Hawking?

71. Consider that Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action are opposites of each other.

72. Liars generally win over truth tellers. Lies can be so imaginative whereas the truth is what it is.

73. Social media seems to be used by those who are, in general, anti-social.

74. The phrase “Black is Beautiful” legitimizes the phrase, “Black is Ugly.”

75. If I am a genius and come from a group of idiots I am still a genius…and…If I am an idiot and come from a group of geniuses I am still an idiot.

76. Why have the Jewish people done so well with all the anti-Semitism, bigotry and prejudice directed toward them?

77. Why do Asians, on average, always outperform Caucasians on IQ tests?

78. Why are there no women offensive lineman in the NFL…or any position for that matter?

79. Fossil fuels have been the most valuable contributor to human well-being…and they remain so.

80. Socialism works until we run out of other people’s money…thank you Margaret Thatcher.

81. Anarchy only works when a person is locked in a small cell in solitary confinement.

82. Historically our warriors have not given their lives to create a huge, over reaching, too well paid Federal government.

83. Our soldiers are not our “children” or our “boys and girls”…they are our warriors.

84. First responders are paid to…well…respond first.

85. No one cares what you “think” …they care what you can intellectually defend.

86. Intelligence is an evolutionary reaction to a deficiency in every other physical characteristic…if we had been really big and strong we’d probably be dumb as rocks.

87. Artificial intelligence will move rapidly beyond human intelligence in the next 100 years…it’s not a long journey.

88. Testosterone is destiny.

89. Primitives thought drought was caused by human failure to honor their gods…AGW proponents feel about the same way.

90. Nuclear energy is carbon free…why isn’t it being advocated?

91. No idea is so sacred that it shouldn’t allow for rebuttal.

92. Many who don’t respect freedom have no use for it themselves…they are only robotic imitations of their culture.

93. Cultures are not right or wrong…they just are whatever they are.

94. I do not feel humility as a human…I feel pride in being, perhaps, one of the 7 billion conscious entities in the universe.

95. “Original Sin” was our animal nature…brutal, violent, amoral and destructive.

96. If someone says they’re going to kill you…believe them.

97. Humility is generally used by those who need it.

98. College should enable you to experience the fullness of being human.

99. Why are girls, up to the age of ten, almost always superior to boys in verbal skills?

If you got this far…is there anything you’d like to add…rebut…or ridicule. I’m sure there is.