Is Sweden an Example of Successful Socialism?

Is Sweden an Example of Successful Socialism?

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On Wednesday’s show, we continue our discussion of the legal concept of our “Fundamental” rights and the right to discriminate with Constitutional scholar and Chairman of the Cato Institute, Bob Levy. We discuss the mid-term elections and the role of “identity politics” with Mercy College Professor and author of “Josephus of Oz,” Andrew Joppa. The President and CEO of Free to Choose Network, Rob Chatfield and I discuss their new video, Sweden: Lessons for America, which will air locally this week. We also have an informative visit with author and Endowed Professor at the University of Houston Larry Bell about his new book, “Thinking Whole.”

We have terrific guests for Thursday’s show including the President and CEO of NCH Healthcare Dr. Allen Weiss, the Founder and President of Less Government Seton Motley, our State Representative Byron Donalds, and Naples Mayor Bill Barnett.

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