Is Science Ever “Settled”?

Is Science Ever “Settled”?

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We have great guests and content on Friday’s show. We discuss the importance of and some opportunities to become more informed with issues concerning public education in Florida with the co-founder of the Florida Citizens’ Alliance Keith Flaugh.  We discuss the Florida grant to promote manufacturing job training in Collier County public schools with David Bolduc, local political activist and member of Parents ROCK.  Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and I discuss “political Jihad” in America, Great Britain, and Hungary. We also discuss public sector unions with the author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep,” Dave Bego.

Please join us Monday with terrific special guests including the Founder and Publisher of Marc Schulman, the President of the Foundation for Economic Education Larry Reed, and Barron’s Washington Correspondent Jim McTague.

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