Improving Textbook Selection in Florida Public Schools

Improving Textbook Selection in Florida Public Schools

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On Friday’s show, we discuss examples of how some County School Boards are responding to the new state law requiring the public participation in the review of their textbook selection process with the co-founder of the Florida Citizens’ Alliance Keith Flaugh.  We discuss examples of how Collier County science textbooks misrepresent scientific theory with David Bolduc, the head of Parents ROCK.  We discuss the infighting about the new hotel to be built on Third Street South in Naples with local author and columnist Sharon Kenny.  We also get an update on union activity and the National Labor Relations Board from the author of “The Devil at Our Doorstep,” Dave Bego.

Please join us Monday with terrific special guests including Jonathan Wood from the Pacific Legal Foundation and the Founder and Publisher of Marc Schulman.

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