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God Bless America

Thanks so much for listening to the Bob Harden Show, celebrating over seven years on the internet!

On Wednesday’s show, we discuss the rulings from the recent session of the U.S. Supreme Court with Constitutional scholar and Chairman of the Cato Institute, Bob Levy. “Josephus of Oz” author and Mercy College Professor Andrew Joppa and I discuss Antifa, Nike, “intersectionality, Independence Day, and the many ironies in our culture. We also visit with Larry Bell, Endowed Professor at the University of Houston and author of “Reinventing Ourselves” about the need for “Climate Alarmists” to get real lives and real facts.

There will be no broadcast of the Bob Harden Show Thursday as we celebrate Independence Day.

Please join us Friday morning with special guests Pastor Rick Stevens, David Bolduc, local author and columnist Sharon Kenny, and author and business owner Dave Bego.

Please join us live a little before 7 a.m. or in archives at your convenience.

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