Dr. Gene Landrum

dr-gene-postDr. Gene Landrum is a high-tech start-up executive turned educator and writer. As a businessman he originated the Chuck E. Cheese concept of family entertainment among other entrepreneurial ventures. After years of interacting with creative and overachieving personalities he decided to document the inner workings of what made them tick and did his doctoral dissertation on the Jungian Psychology of Success.
Dr. Gene lectures extensively on the vagaries of eminence and teaches MBA’s at the Hodges University graduate school in SW, Florida. Robert Toth, a creative genius in sculpturing wrote in 2010, “Dr. Landrum, you have been my inspiration from your first book, Profiles of Genius. Last night I stayed up all night reading The Superman Syndrome. Thank you, thank you thank you for being my inspiration. My family thought I was weird but you have validated my life’s calling.” Author Lee Milteer in an introduction in 2010 said, “Dr. Gene, your books have been the most inspiring of anything I’ve ever read. You are one of the true experts on entrepreneurship and one of the best thinkers of today.”

Gene’s Most Sought After Titles on What Makes the Great Tick:

Warriors Who Win: Daring & Different (2011)

Sex in Pelican Place: In the Surf & Sand (2011)

Cover Your Assets & Become Your Own Liability (2010)

The Innovative Mind: Stop Thinking, Start Being (2008)

Paranoia & Power: The Fear & Fame of Entertainment Icons (2007)

Empowerment: The Competitive Edge in Sports, Business & Life (2006)

The Superman Syndrome – You become What you Believe (2005)

Entrepreneurial Genius – The Power of Passion (2004)

Eight Keys to Greatness – How to Unlock your hidden Potential (1999)