Donald Trump: Last Man Standing, by Andrew Joppa

Donald Trump; The Last Man Standing

by Andy Joppa


The thing about a hero, is even when it doesn’t look like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, he’s going to keep digging, he’s going to keep trying to do right and make up for what’s gone before, just because that’s who he is.

Joss Whedon


Some of my readers have challenged (“challenged” may be understating it) my general negativity as it pertains to current America. It’s very difficult to admit that the thing that you’ve loved and revered your entire life has suddenly become ludicrous. It’s somewhat like catching your father in drag. But, let me double-down on that negativity. Actually, I tend to understate the absurdity of this once great nation…a nation that has so tragically lost its way that it most often seems to be little more than a Monty Python comedy skit; somewhat like a clown carrying an AK-47…it would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.  Its cast of preposterous characters, engaged in the chaos of perpetual motion toward nowhere, is given a faux façade of dignity by the somber comments of the media, the emotional diatribes of so many talking heads and their $3000 suits and $500 haircuts.  If you put these political thugs in cut-off shorts and tank-tops there is nothing they offer that could be distinguished from what’s available from the first 100 names in the phonebook. In fact, I think I’d put my money on the phonebook.


Our nation functions like the fellow who has toilet paper hanging from his shoe…but nobody tells him.  No one wants to embarrass him with the truth. We are a silly nation, dominated by silly people, committed to silly ends, using silly methods for silly purpose.  We are a disgrace to every combat veteran who paid the ultimate price for our nation’s values. If these million dead heroes could be given the chance to once again offer their sacrifice for current America, it is difficult to believe that many would lay down their lives for the sordid mess into which we have devolved.  Life should be more precious than that.


I know many of you are loyal, patriotic Americans, committed to the rapidly fading image of what this country had formerly represented.  When a malcontent like myself rears his annoying head, you tend to break out the red, white and blue pom-poms and do the traditional cheer for America… “Yea Team, Yea Team we are really on the beam” …or words to that effect.  Like the wife whose husband has slipped into dementia, she continues to react to him and regard him as he was…and not as he is.  As wiser men than I have offered…” What is, is.” That seems to be so obvious and yet, it seems to have little currency in modern America.  We function, all too often, in a model that says, “What is, was.” It’s comforting to think your demented husband is the man he was, or your nation still maintains the greatness that had once defined it.  But, neither her husband, nor our nation, can be trusted any longer to act in a meaningful, nor moral, nor legal manner.


For all practical purposes, our nation is insane.  Bob Grant, a pioneer of talk-radio in New York, use to say, “It’s sick and getting sicker.”  I regret that Grant isn’t alive today to apply his own inimitable commentary to our current debacle.  Grant had a unique ability to navigate the psychopathological mine field of the mind-set of some Americans.  His task today would be far more daunting.  Unlike the world of Grant, where these disturbed beings were the anomaly…now they are the norm. Today’s America is…culturally, politically and morally, insane. The chances of this country’s leaders, or its citizens, creating the correct solution to any substantial problem is zero.  The best you can normally hope for is that they won’t deepen the problem and make it worse.  Our combination of rampant idiocy, mind-boggling ignorance, and crazed ideological fanaticism, offers little hope that our dilemmas are “fixable” other than by pure happenstance. “C’mon, baby needs a new pair of shoes.”


There is, however, a faint, very faint, glimmer of hope.  The cavalry might still come to the rescue. Mighty Mouse might still show up to, “Save the day.”   Superman may burst out of a phone booth and reestablish, “Truth, justice, and the American way.” In fact, a variation of all of these may already exist in America.  We have one and only one…super hero; one and only one mere mortal who can, “Banish darkness from the land.” We have the one, the only, the irrepressible … President Donald Trump. 


But, prophets, and heroes, are seldom honored in their own homes or nations. This is especially true in America where we derive a dark pleasure by focusing on the peccadillos so often associated with greatness.  Few historical figures could have survived the pettiness of the American mind…few do today.  One can picture the average American rubbing their hands together gleefully while cackling, “Who does he think he is?  I’ll get him and his little doggie too (Wait…that’s another story).” This is especially true with Donald Trump.  Americans, in the incredible depth of their shallowness, have done everything they can to diminish and destroy this last vestige of our nation’s former greatness.  We honor style over substance, we admire rhetoric over reality…we, unfortunately, also respect the comforting liar more than give value to a man, like Trump, who brings challenging insights that are necessary to accomplish the changes that are needed.
Seldom, if ever, in human history has the fate of a great republic hinged on the attributes and activities of a single person. America in 2019 stands looking over that precipice.  A case can be made, and defended, that the United States of America, and its ability to return to functioning within its historic value system, while recognizing the rights of the individual in a free market economic system, depends entirely on the existence and success of President Donald Trump.  I would be willing to offer, in fact, that Donald Trump is, at this moment, the singular embodiment of the United States of America. In my estimation, he and he alone, IS America. Everything and everyone else are but pale imitations of the greatness that once defined our great nation. Perhaps the phrase “pale imitation” is too optimistic.  More accurately, almost everything and everyone else acts in an antagonistic manner to the well proven success formula established by our founders and reinforced for over two hundred years.


Only Trump fully attempts to honor that heritage. Is he perfect?  No, for no great leader has ever been “perfect.”  All have been riddled with faults and exceptions to their greatness. Whether we’re talking about Ghandi, Churchill, Washington, Lincoln or MLK, all had serious “imperfections. Am I comparing Trump to these men? I am doing just that…if a fair history is written it will determine that I’m correct. It can be presumed that it may be impossible to display the necessary attributes of great leadership unless they are accompanied by faults which may allow the necessary actions to emerge.


While there are undoubtedly individuals, and you may be among them, who have managed to stay the course for the America that was, only one person stands ready to risk all that he is, all that he has, for the future of our nation.  As was once said by Lawrence Peter, “In every organization there is one person who actually knows what’s going on…that person must be destroyed.”