Florida’s Legislative Session Begins

On Tuesday’s show, we discuss the opening day of Florida’s legislative session as well as key issues including over-regulation, Common Core, and elder abuse with State Representative Kathleen Passidomo. The Founder and President of the Freedom & Virtue Institute Ismael Hernandez explains how the Institute teaches young children the virtues on free enterprise and self-reliance. We also visit with Barron’s ... Read More »

The Costs and Consequences of Dodd-Frank

On Friday’s show, the President and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability Tarren Bragdon and I discuss Obamacare,, and King v Burwell Supreme Court Case. FGCU Economics Professor Dean Stansel and I discuss the cost and other consequences of Dodd-Frank. The author of “Where Should We Eat” Sharon Kenny and I dining opportunities on the Paradise Coast. We ... Read More »

The FCC “Net Neutrality” Power Grab

On Thursday’s show, we discuss the heavy demand for healthcare services during season with Dr. Allen Weiss, the President and CEO of NCH Healthcare. Byron Donalds and I discuss the GOP response to the president’s immigration order as well as the FCC’s pending vote on Net Neutrality. We also visit with Conservation Biologist Arnaud Desbiez and Naples City Councilman Bill ... Read More »

The Republic and American Character and Culture

On Tuesday’s show, we discuss the Politics between “Ought” and “Is” with co-author of and Professor of Politics at The King’s College David Corbin. We discuss the upcoming seventeenth annual “Lenten Soup for the Soul” luncheon gatherings with pastoral psychotherapist Rev. Sam Sowell. We also visit with our State Representative Kathleen Passidomo and with Boo Mortenson. We have great ... Read More »

Physician Availability in the Era of Obamacare

On Thursday’s show, we discuss physician availability and the changing environment for healthcare professionals in the era of Obamacare with Dr. Allen Weiss, the President and CEO of NCH Healthcare and with practicing physician Dr. Gerard Gianoli. We also visit with Naples City Councilman Bill Barnett . Please join us on Friday for interviews with terrific guests including U.S. Senator ... Read More »

Who Can You Trust?

On Wednesday’s show, we continue our discussion of the upcoming Supreme Court case on same-sex marriage with the Chairman of the Cato Institute Bob Levy. Media Writer for the Washington Examinaer Eddie Scarry and I discuss NBC News Anchor Brian Williams and the reactions from the media as well as the public. We also visit with the Deputy Editor of ... Read More »