Our Declining Influence on the World Stage

On Thursday’s show, we discuss the vitues and liabilities of “Comfort Food” with the President and CEO of NCH Healthcare Dr. Allen Weiss. The Senior Writer for the Washington Examiner Charles Hoskinsin and I discuss the declining influence of the United States on the world stage. We also visit with the Founder and Producing Artistic Director of Gulfshore Playhouse Kristen ... Read More »

Solar Panel Scams in Florida

On Friday’s show, the Editor-at-Large of Discover Magazine Corey Powell and I discuss the meaning of the Star Trek movement in the wake of Leonard Nimoy’s death. The President of Taxpayer’s Protection Alliance David Williams and I discuss solar panel scams that’s prevalent in Florida. The author of “Where Should We Eat” Sharon Kenny and I discuss great restaurants where ... Read More »

The Correlation Between Vaccines and Infant Mortality

On Monday’s show, we discuss developments in Greece, Ukraine, Jordan, ISIS, Egypt and Greece with author and historian Marc Schulman. We visit with the President of Less Government Seton Motley about the latest from the FCC on Net Neutrality. We also discuss scientific studies linking vaccines with infant mortality with local political activist David Bolduc. We have great guests lined ... Read More »

A Surprising Update on Rosetta and the Comet

On Friday’s show, FGCU Economics Professor Dean Stansel and I discuss President Obama’s budget and tax proposals. The Editor-at-Large of Discover Magazine Corey Powell and I discuss “Rosetta, the Comet, and the Science of Surprise.” We also visit with local author and columnist Sharon Kenny and entrepreneur and “big labor” expert, Dave Bego. We have entertaining and informative guests lined ... Read More »