Greetings from Paradise by Linda Harden

Greetings from Paradise — A Mid-June Edition

Hi, everyone.  I thought today would be a good day to catch up with you all.  It is, in fact, the middle of June, most of you are elsewhere AND I finally have some time to fill you in on the latest.  Also. Bob and I are headed to the new restaurant in the Mercato called the Rusty Bucket tonight and ... Read More »

Up to the Minute Snippet — Paragon Theater

Good afternoon to all.  Thanks to a good friend who was in search of Royal Scoop ice cream for dinner last evening, we now know that the Paragon Theater in the Pavilion Shopping Center has opened for a “soft opening” as of today.  They are only offering a few movies this week and then “Spider Man” exclusively this weekend.  Next ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – A First Day of Spring Edition

Happy Thursday to all.  And yes, today is the first day of Spring — how quickly this season is racing by…but I say that all the time, don’t I?  It is so true, though — feels like we need seat belts  just to keep us on course during this busy time.   I have not written for a while because, yes, we in ... Read More »

Yet Another “Up to the Minute Snippet” – Happy Anniversary

Happy Saturday to all — and, by the way, it is a very special Saturday for me and Bob Harden.  It happens to be our 39th wedding anniversary today!  In case you might be wondering how we are celebrating — Bob is finishing up playing in a 3-day golf tournament with a good friend at the Pelican Nest Invitational (which ... Read More »

An Up-to-the-Minute Snippet — A Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!   And rest assured, this snippet will be VERY brief.   I wanted to alert you all right away about the truly spectacular edition to 5th Avenue South — Avenue5 –which used to be McCabe’s Irish Pub and is adjacent to the Inn on Fifth.  My alert is:  You MUST go.   Everything about the restaurant ... Read More »

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Yes, it has been way too long since I have written — and I do apologize — but I have a couple….well, actually three…. good excuses.  The first one, of course, was the media battle being waged in Pelican Bay/Bay Colony over a contract with Comcast being booted in favor of a contract with a Bahama-owned, much ... Read More »

Sun has been missing too long

I do not mean to be grouchy, you understand — but I tend to get crabby when the sun has been missing for too long AND when I have to turn our heat on.     Aside from that, I have a couple of housekeeping items to relay to you and also some just plain newsy news.   First of all, ... Read More »

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.  And while this gloomy Saturday is not the best day we’ve had, aren’t we glad we are here.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for everyone, I know.  It seems like there are more folks in town than I have ever seen this time of year.  The restaurants on Third Street South have ... Read More »