Greetings from Paradise by Linda Harden

Late Breaking News — An “Up to the Minute Snippet”

Happy Tuesday to all.  Do you remember when I mentioned how exciting it is to be in Naples during the summer??  Well, here are some headlines and they are the perfect example of what I meant:   Lutgert Companies has purchased the remaining property at the Mercato (the vacant area just north of Whole Foods and continuing east along the border ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise — A July 4th Edition

Happy Independence Day, everyone.  Here’s hoping that those of  you who are summering elsewhere are enjoying the summer so far and not getting hammered by some of the nasty weather which has been going around — and now Hurricane Arthur.     I was going to write this “Greetings” later this afternoon after watching the Men’s Semifinal matches at Wimbledon. ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise — A Mid-June Edition

Hi, everyone.  I thought today would be a good day to catch up with you all.  It is, in fact, the middle of June, most of you are elsewhere AND I finally have some time to fill you in on the latest.  Also. Bob and I are headed to the new restaurant in the Mercato called the Rusty Bucket tonight and ... Read More »

Up to the Minute Snippet — Paragon Theater

Good afternoon to all.  Thanks to a good friend who was in search of Royal Scoop ice cream for dinner last evening, we now know that the Paragon Theater in the Pavilion Shopping Center has opened for a “soft opening” as of today.  They are only offering a few movies this week and then “Spider Man” exclusively this weekend.  Next ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – A First Day of Spring Edition

Happy Thursday to all.  And yes, today is the first day of Spring — how quickly this season is racing by…but I say that all the time, don’t I?  It is so true, though — feels like we need seat belts  just to keep us on course during this busy time.   I have not written for a while because, yes, we in ... Read More »

Yet Another “Up to the Minute Snippet” – Happy Anniversary

Happy Saturday to all — and, by the way, it is a very special Saturday for me and Bob Harden.  It happens to be our 39th wedding anniversary today!  In case you might be wondering how we are celebrating — Bob is finishing up playing in a 3-day golf tournament with a good friend at the Pelican Nest Invitational (which ... Read More »

An Up-to-the-Minute Snippet — A Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!   And rest assured, this snippet will be VERY brief.   I wanted to alert you all right away about the truly spectacular edition to 5th Avenue South — Avenue5 –which used to be McCabe’s Irish Pub and is adjacent to the Inn on Fifth.  My alert is:  You MUST go.   Everything about the restaurant ... Read More »

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, everyone.  Yes, it has been way too long since I have written — and I do apologize — but I have a couple….well, actually three…. good excuses.  The first one, of course, was the media battle being waged in Pelican Bay/Bay Colony over a contract with Comcast being booted in favor of a contract with a Bahama-owned, much ... Read More »

Sun has been missing too long

I do not mean to be grouchy, you understand — but I tend to get crabby when the sun has been missing for too long AND when I have to turn our heat on.     Aside from that, I have a couple of housekeeping items to relay to you and also some just plain newsy news.   First of all, ... Read More »

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all.  And while this gloomy Saturday is not the best day we’ve had, aren’t we glad we are here.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for everyone, I know.  It seems like there are more folks in town than I have ever seen this time of year.  The restaurants on Third Street South have ... Read More »