Greetings from Paradise by Linda Harden

An Up to the Minute Snippet — Thursday Edition

Hi, everyone — I hope everyone who has left paradise is enjoying fabulous weather and wonderful reunions in your northern homes. Just in case you were wondering, it is SPECTACULAR here. We had dinner with friends last evening at the Sandpiper (In my mind, it will ALWAYS be named the Sandpiper) in Pelican Bay — all of us loved the ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – an End of March Edition

Happy Sunday, everyone. it has been a while since I have written but that is because of two reasons: 1. most of you are here and I figure you have an idea of what is going on around town; and 2. I have been straight out swamped (as you Bay Colony neighbors know) with helping to make sure that everyone ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – a Mid-February Edition

Hi, everyone — Happy Tuesday. For those of you who have been reading “Greetings” for a while, you know by now that Tuesday evenings are always reserved (unless some unusual and unavoidable event comes up) for Weekend Willie’s and our favorite band, Mudbone. Yes, we will be there again tonight with 10 others to enjoy great music. I may have ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – Super Bowl Sunday Edition

Hi, everyone — Happy February 1! Where in the heck did January go? (I say that each time I write, don’t I. Sorry, but time is flying by way too fast for me.) I have to again apologize for being so long in writing a “Greetings” but lots of things have been happening. Not the least of which was trying ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – – A Brand New Year Edition

Hi, everyone — Happy New Year! Yes, I realize it has been a while, but you know how the holidays just wrap up your time in so many ways. Welcome back to paradise to all of you who waited until after the holidays to arrive — aren’t you so glad you are here??!! Even though today is not very warm ... Read More »

An Up-To-The_Minute-Snippet (December 13)

Hi, everyone — Happy Saturday. This will be a relatively short “epistle” to bring some things to your attention AND to remind you of some things as we settle in to this high season in paradise. First of all, for those of you in Pelican Bay and Bay Colony, the brand spanking new Sandpiper….oops, I mean Marker 36….Restaurant will be ... Read More »

A “Boy, Oh Boy, Am I Ever Grateful for Vanderbilt Drive” Edition

Hi, everyone — hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. I will get to the Vanderbilt Drive topic in a minute. But first, a little bit of housekeeping and worthwhile tidbits. Right off the bat, let me do a shameless plug and shout out to Gulfshore Playhouse for bringing back the most fabulous Christmas play, “Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol” starring ... Read More »

Late-Breaking News – – an Up-to-the-Minute Snippet

Hi, everyone. Real estate news will have to wait. I have some important information you might be interested in. 1. Inca’s Kitchen (with a full bar, by the way) at the Pavilion Shopping Center is set to open this week. Not positive of the exact day, but as soon as I know, you’ll know. (Thanks to Noreen for giving me ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – An Election Week Edition

Hi, everyone — the last couple of weeks have gotten away from me with so much stuff going on….and so many folks getting into town. I thought it best to dive right into all the newsy news before one more minute goes by. And to put you at ease, this will be a Summit Broadband free newsletter. Before I start, ... Read More »

An Up to the Minute Snippet (October 21)

Hi, folks — me again. Sorry to bug you again so soon, but stuff came to my attention that I had to tell you about right away. FIRST — stay away from Pelican Bay Boulevard southbound — ESPECIALLY close to the Phil (yes, I still call it the Phil and probably always will). It is a traffic NIGHTMARE because of ... Read More »