Greetings from Paradise by Linda Harden

An Up to the Minute Snippet

Hi, everyone. I was going to write this a few days ago, but all the tragic events coming out of Orlando….including the unthinkable death of the little boy today at Disney World….took the wind out of my sails for a while. But I decided this evening that the best way to get out of the sadness was to write a ... Read More »

An Up to the Minute Snippet

Hi, everyone — As shown by the many car carriers all along the streets of Naples, it is obvious a lot of you have chosen to go north for the summer (I bet some of you are sorry, though, since the weather in the some of your destinations has been pretty awful. In case you were wondering, the weather in ... Read More »

An After Easter Edition

Hi, everyone. I always say this but I am sorry to be so long in writing my “Greetings.” I have received so many emails and messages asking where the heck have I been for so long….and I guess I have a couple of reasonably good excuses. First of all, I figure that almost all of you are in town (if ... Read More »

An Up to the Minute Snippet

Good Day, everyone. This is going to be VERY quick. This morning, Comcast/XFinity suffered an outage that covered nearly the ENTIRE United States. The outage occurred at 10:00 a.m. and only affected television service but ALL television services. However, all the phone lines to Comcast were totally busy. The map I found on Twitter showed the vast extent of the ... Read More »

An Up to the Minute Snippet – Happy New Year!

Hi, everyone — and a Happy 2016 to you all. Since this is my first “Greetings” of the new year, I will keep it short since I figure most of you are in town and already know a lot of what is going on. How do I know that most of you are in town? Because EVERYONE is on the ... Read More »

A Mid-December Greetings

Hi, everyone — I am sorry to have been so late in writing. Several folks have written me asking where the heck I went, so I thought I had better get busy. The time has flown by — all with friends coming back into town, the Thanksgiving holiday….not to mention playing with my (our) new Apple TV. Between that and ... Read More »

Yet Another Up-to-the-Minute Snippet – – REALLY BIG NEWS!!!!

Hi, everyone — I have a LOT of news in the hopper, but I could NOT wait with this. I have it on very good authority that the former…and VERY popular….Mayor of the city of Naples and CURRENT City Councilman……BILL BARNETT……has decided to run for ANOTHER TERM as Mayor in the upcoming Naples election!!!! The election will take place in ... Read More »

An Up to the Minute Snippet – – Late Breaking News

Hi, everyone — as Bob and I play a wait and see game as to whether we fly to Boston tomorrow in light of the approaching Tropical Storm Erika, I have some VERY interesting news that I could not sit on. 1. A new restaurant is coming to Waterside Shops….and it is not taking the place of anything. It will ... Read More »

Greetings from Paradise – -A Mid-August Edition

Hi, everyone — this is going to be short (I know I always say that and I end up going on forever) for a couple of different reasons: 1. My wonderful MacBook is close to death and I have to do what I need to do in a short period of time. (I have to say, though, that every time ... Read More »

An Up to the Minute Snippet – An “Is it August Already?” Edition

Hi, everyone — Happy Tuesday. And if you have been reading “Greetings from Paradise” along with my “Up to the Minute Snippets” for very long, you know where Bob and I are headed tonight. Yup — Weekend Willie’s for another great evening of Mudbone music. All the boys will be there tonight…Rick Howard will be back from knee replacement surgery….and ... Read More »