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Generation Identity – by Andrew Joppa (6/4)

There is a movement developing some momentum in Europe…particularly France. The premise of the group, called Generation Identity, is that Europe is dying due mainly to the ideology of the ’68-generation; the generation which came of age after the Second World War. The ’68ers created the revolts of 1968 which brought about vast changes in Europe and America. In Generation ... Read More »

Envy, Resentment and Jealousy – by Andrew Joppa (6/3)

We have long been told, and lead to believe, that the driving and most dangerous emotion afflicting America has been greed. As best I can determine the word, as generally used by many Americans, means wanting more than you currently have. The connotation is given, however, that “greed” can only be realized at another’s expense. This suggests a “zero-sum” game ... Read More »

Civilization 101 – by Andrew Joppa (5/30)

Here are two things you should know about me before I start this piece. My younger brother, who passed away in 2001 at the age of 45, was gay and died from AIDS. He and his friends would vacation with me and my family at our summer house. I loved him…still do… and I liked his friends. All his friends ... Read More »

Inalienable Means…Inalienable – by Andrew Joppa (5/29)

The following quotation from Benjamin Franklin has gained a considerable level of currency within the debate over the reach of the NSA, certain provisions of the Patriot Act and the Federal government’s determination to protect our security. Franklin said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” If you search ... Read More »

America, “The Sheep Dog” – by Andrew Joppa (5/28)

The issue of whether a war should have been initiated as compared to how that war was strategically and tactically fought are entirely unrelated issues. You can have a “bad” war fought well…for example the Spanish American War…or a “good” war fought badly…Vietnam comes immediately to mind. I am a Vietnam veteran. The LBJ administration was near criminal in how ... Read More »

Common Core – by Andrew Joppa (5/10)

The time has come to offer some comments about Common Core and its implications for public school education in America. It’s not that I believe you’re waiting breathlessly to hear from me on this but I have a background that might possibly matter. From 1991 through 1994, I was the leading public school activist in Westchester County, New York. I ... Read More »

Perhaps Eric Holder Was Right – by Andrew Joppa (5/8)

Perhaps the only agreement I ever had with Eric Holder was when he referred to America as “a nation of cowards.” I, of course, consider that idea in an entirely different manner than did the racially driven and divisive former Attorney General. However, even as I write this piece, I can feel the first quivering of fear in my “cowardly” ... Read More »

Political Iatrogenic Disease – by Andrew Joppa (5/6)

Iatrogenic disease is the widely studied phenomenon of illness that is caused by a physician. What has not been widely studied are the socio/political/economic “Iatrogenic” diseases caused by the political Left. While the medical iatrogenic effect is accidental the Leftist iatrogenic impact is tactical. The Liberal induces the disease, then serves as a barrier to meaningful change and then, in ... Read More »

Violence Must Be Challenged – by Andrew Joppa (5/5)

The recent Islamic assault on the Pam Geller sponsored cartoon event in Texas has brought to our attention distortions about free speech and what could become a more intrusive government involvement in the future. First a little background. The first amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise ... Read More »

Our Founders Hated the Mob – by Andrew Joppa (5/2)

America is a Constitutional Republic. We are not a democracy and were specifically designed to avoid the dangers that were inevitable in that form of government. It would be an understatement to say that the Founding Fathers hated democracy. They warned against it vehemently and relentlessly. They equated it-properly-with mob rule. In an oft quoted analogy it was once remarked ... Read More »