Correct Me If I’m Wrong

Defending Donald Trump – Andrew Joppa (7/3)

I never thought I’d wind up defending Donald Trump. In reality Trump does not need my support. What does need my support are American values, culture and law. Trump just happens to be the latest victim created by the rapidly deteriorating American society. The “weapon” most often used in these ad hominem assaults are derived from the virtues that have ... Read More »

Christianity Needs More Constitutional Warriors – Andrew Joppa (7/1)

NOTE: Christianity must do a better job at defending itself from the moral anarchists and those choosing chaos over order. I am not a Christian. I am not a believer. It is impossible for me, however, to conceive of a healthy nation, or world, without it. This is one of the most difficult essays I’ve ever written. Here are my ... Read More »

Unconstitutional Affirmative Action – Andrew Joppa (6/28)

The First Amendment to the Constitution reads in part, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech…” The word “speech,” however, is primarily defined in most dictionaries as, “The faculty or power of speaking; oral communication” What if SCOTUS ignored the original intent of our founders? What if, in violation of that intent, a written communication was ... Read More »

America’s Greatest Enemy – Andrew Joppa (6/26)

In the oft used cliché, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” This Pogo comment is generally misapplied in circumstance of minimal importance. Unfortunately, at this moment, it has an overwhelming application. America has become America’s greatest enemy. Perhaps, more accurately, America’s greatest enemies are many Americans. In the last week we have heard an American accuse America ... Read More »

The Dirty Dozen – by Andrew Joppa (6/24)

There are moments when there is so much that needs to be said that it seems a waste of words to invest too deeply in any one topic. For that reason I’ll place below a series of thoughts pertaining to some areas that are contributing to a deepening malaise within our culture. My first four points will deal with the ... Read More »

Neither Princes, Presidents nor Popes – Andrew Joppa (6/22)

No idea has more worth than the idea itself. An idea doesn’t gain significance when it is expressed by someone of authority, position or, even of “genius.” An absurd idea of a genius is still absurd and a brilliant remark made by the village idiot retains its brilliance. As a retired faculty member I can attest to the general lack ... Read More »

American Tribalism – Andrew Joppa (6/19)

We are a nation of 320 million very diverse inhabitants. This is not the same as discussing “diversity” which relates to group identity…more frequently called tribalism. I write of true diversity which is a valid concept only when we speak of individuals. The diversity of group identity always spawns some variation of tribalism; one of the most destructive phenomenon in ... Read More »

A “Short” Message – Andrew Joppa (6/15)

I’m on a driving vacation right now…as I watched the trees flashing by it gave me the time to think about the pain of my early life…I can still remember….   …When I was twelve I won the Yonkers Little League home run crown.  As I went up to receive my trophy I could hear some parents say…”but he’s so ... Read More »

“Come on in – the Water’s Fine” – Andrew Joppa (6/11)

The loss of freedom in a nation seldom happens overnight. It is typically a slow insidious process where it erodes and finally vanishes. Freedom typically disappears not with a “bang, but a “whimper.” As with the metaphor of starting the cooking of a frog in cold water….the frog, and we with our freedom, won’t perceive the danger till it’s too ... Read More »

The Camp of the Saints – Andrew Joppa (6/5)

Few powers are more fundamental to American sovereignty than the control over immigration and the vesting of citizenship in aliens (naturalization).  Our Constitution states in Article I, Section 8, Clause 4… “The Congress shall have Power To…establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization….”   This power is given to the deliberative process of Congress since impulsive decisions in this area, driven ... Read More »