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The Great House – Andrew Joppa (7/15)

Over two hundred years ago the architects and designers, who were America’s Founders, bequeathed to us the most meaningful home the world has ever known. This home was so strong and influential that it transformed all who were fortunate enough to live under its roof. There were, certainly, instants when a tenant acted in an inappropriate manner or when a ... Read More »

Believe Islam…Not Its Western Apologists – Andrew Joppa (7/18)

There is nothing good that can be extracted from the recent slaughter in Tennessee committed by an Islamic fundamentalist. To see him as a “Lone Wolf” ignores that he saw himself as belonging to the entire Muslim “ummah”; the Islamic family. He clearly believed he was part of the international process of violent jihad. When he pulled the trigger he ... Read More »

Someone Tell Washington We’re At War – Andrew Joppa (7/17)

How many more of our warriors must be sacrificed, and how much of our national identity must be compromised, to our unwillingness to define the enemy? The refusal of our leaders to classify the obvious nature of the violent threat we face is so flagrant that it seems conspiratorial. The world has now reached an impasse. The bromides of “political ... Read More »

Choose a Lion – Andrew Joppa (7/12)

There is little “good” that can be said about any shooting war. A component worth noting, however, is that you know you’re actually at war. This recognition, while seemingly obvious, is a vital part of how strategies are constructed and goals established and reached. When we know we’re at war we can clearly identify an enemy who is trying to ... Read More »

The Illusion of Stability and Security – Andrew Joppa (7/8)

The world has always made itself more comfortable than it should be by creating the illusion of stability and security. America is currently caught in this very dilemma. We are prepared to fight the wrong war. How might this best be understood? Many thirteenth century great cities of Asia believed they were impervious to destruction. Their massive walls were fifty ... Read More »

E-Verify Florida – Andrew Joppa (7/6)

There is an immediate action that we can take in Florida that will be a major step toward putting some positive controls on the activities of illegal entrants into America. It is the one thing we can do at the state level that will really matter and, like the canary in the coal mine, will determine whether anything else of ... Read More »

All You Need to Know – Andrew Joppa (7/3)

Sorry to bother you so soon…BUT…there are times when a single event totally defines a person, a situation or a policy. The following horrific story, copied verbatim, is one of those stories. It totally defines the horror of our governmental policy as it pertains to illegal entrants into our country. There is nothing more that needs to be said…no counter ... Read More »

Defending Donald Trump – Andrew Joppa (7/3)

I never thought I’d wind up defending Donald Trump. In reality Trump does not need my support. What does need my support are American values, culture and law. Trump just happens to be the latest victim created by the rapidly deteriorating American society. The “weapon” most often used in these ad hominem assaults are derived from the virtues that have ... Read More »

Christianity Needs More Constitutional Warriors – Andrew Joppa (7/1)

NOTE: Christianity must do a better job at defending itself from the moral anarchists and those choosing chaos over order. I am not a Christian. I am not a believer. It is impossible for me, however, to conceive of a healthy nation, or world, without it. This is one of the most difficult essays I’ve ever written. Here are my ... Read More »

Unconstitutional Affirmative Action – Andrew Joppa (6/28)

The First Amendment to the Constitution reads in part, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech…” The word “speech,” however, is primarily defined in most dictionaries as, “The faculty or power of speaking; oral communication” What if SCOTUS ignored the original intent of our founders? What if, in violation of that intent, a written communication was ... Read More »