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Violence Must Be Challenged – by Andrew Joppa (5/5)

The recent Islamic assault on the Pam Geller sponsored cartoon event in Texas has brought to our attention distortions about free speech and what could become a more intrusive government involvement in the future. First a little background. The first amendment to the Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise ... Read More »

Our Founders Hated the Mob – by Andrew Joppa (5/2)

America is a Constitutional Republic. We are not a democracy and were specifically designed to avoid the dangers that were inevitable in that form of government. It would be an understatement to say that the Founding Fathers hated democracy. They warned against it vehemently and relentlessly. They equated it-properly-with mob rule. In an oft quoted analogy it was once remarked ... Read More »

Private Property and Riots – Andrew Joppa (4/30)

We have ignored, for far too long, the essential relationship that exists between the protection of private property and the subsequent respect for personal liberty. With the recent Baltimore riots and comments from that cities mayor, we have heard repeated, once again, the idea that as long as it was only “property” being destroyed that any riots were less significant. ... Read More »

Conservatives Must Defend Themselves – By Andrew Joppa (4/29)

I harbor no ill will toward former Florida governor Jeb Bush. I do, however, have a resentment toward any Republican who supplies the political Left with ammunition with which to attack Conservative candidates. This is especially true, of course, when the thoughts they present are entirely erroneous. This brings me to my current problem with Jeb Bush. My angst would ... Read More »

The Path to Victory in 2016 – by Andrew Joppa

The Republican Party is fielding anywhere from ten to fifteen candidates as potential nominees for the presidential campaign in 2016. The depth of this field is remarkable in its credentials, level and type of experience, and personal attributes. They are a tribute to the diversity and the “big tent” offered by the Republican Party. I will not here state my ... Read More »

Envy, Resentment and Jealousy

Fellow Patriots: We have long been told, and lead to believe, that the driving and most dangerous emotion afflicting America has been greed. As best I can determine the word, as generally used by many Americans, means wanting more than you currently have. The connotation is given, however, that “greed” can only be realized at another’s expense. This suggests a ... Read More »