Correct Me If I’m Wrong

Moderates Pervert Islam – Andrew Joppa (9/3)

It is time to acknowledge that some Muslims have perverted the teachings of Islam. In the West we tend to refer to these Muslims as radicals, in fact, we should refer to those that have perverted Islam as “moderates.” The devout Muslim would call these moderates…apostates. Perversion can be defined as, “the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, ... Read More »

A Time to Love and a Time to Hate – Andrew Joppa (8/29)

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Many have asserted that they don’t dislike Barack Obama personally…no…no… they like him, they just don’t like his policies. How frightened these timid souls are that it might be ... Read More »

Loaded “Minds” are the Problem…Not Guns – Andrew Joppa (8/26)

Another tragedy unfolded today in Virginia. Two innocents were slaughtered while a third was seriously wounded. Unsurprisingly, the political Left has already started their self-serving rant against the availability of guns in America. Guns, of course, are not the cause of violence in our society. To the largest extent violence has been created, indeed encouraged, by policies advocated by those ... Read More »

Anchors Away – Andrew Joppa (8/24)

The ongoing debate surrounding the Birth Right Citizenship aspect of the Fourteenth Amendment has brought together many strange bed-fellows. Leftists, who forever (perhaps longer) have declared the Constitution to be outdated and not fit for human habitation, Democrats (or do I repeat myself?) who have stated over and over again that the Constitution is a living document that must “breathe” ... Read More »

Donald Trump and Birth Right Citizenship – Andrew Joppa (8/20)

Donald Trump is politically incorrect, insensitive, brash, audacious and often very outspoken. Donald Trump, however, continues to be the almost singular voice provoking real and meaningful discussion within an America that is more comfortable with pleasant, albeit destructive, distortions. If Trump did not exist we should feel the necessity of creating him. Trump is a firebrand. The word firebrand has ... Read More »

Getting “There” from “Here”

I have just become the Coalitions Director for SW Florida for the Convention of States (COS). Rather than filling in the details on COS I refer you to their website at: I am trying to line up presentations for the fall in support of the Amendment Convention and the COS group. Any arrangements you can make or suggest would ... Read More »

We Are Tired – Andrew Joppa (8/12)

We Americans are tired. We are tired of watching the Constitution being ignored by those who have sworn to uphold it. We are tired of watching our Federal government engage in activities that are not authorized by that Constitution. We are tired of seeing Beltway politicians gain reelection by spending our money. We are tired of reading Supreme Court rulings ... Read More »

Stand for What’s “Right” – Andrew Joppa (8/10)

For many years I was involved with corporate consulting for Business Ethics. One of the most difficult hurdles was the artificial dichotomy that existed between the alternatives of being ethical or, on the other hand, making a profit. That is, there was a presumption that as you became more ethical it would be at the expense of profit. It was ... Read More »

Eat Your Spinach – Andrew Joppa (8/5)

Perhaps the easiest thing to be is a Leftist politician. It is quite similar to it being easier to be the parent who gives their children all the cake and candy they demand rather than being the parent who has them eat their spinach. The immediate gratification of the sweet goodies is all the child really cares about. This holds ... Read More »

Sir Bagot Glubb – Andrew Joppa (8/3)

Writing in the middle of the twentieth century, Sir John Bagot Glubb described the rise and decline (they don’t really fall) of great civilizations. According to Glubb the pattern seems nearly inescapable. It takes approximately ten generations, or 250 years, for this cycle to be completed. If we date the American civilization from 1776 we are now in year 239. ... Read More »