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We Are Tired – Andrew Joppa (8/12)

We Americans are tired. We are tired of watching the Constitution being ignored by those who have sworn to uphold it. We are tired of watching our Federal government engage in activities that are not authorized by that Constitution. We are tired of seeing Beltway politicians gain reelection by spending our money. We are tired of reading Supreme Court rulings ... Read More »

Stand for What’s “Right” – Andrew Joppa (8/10)

For many years I was involved with corporate consulting for Business Ethics. One of the most difficult hurdles was the artificial dichotomy that existed between the alternatives of being ethical or, on the other hand, making a profit. That is, there was a presumption that as you became more ethical it would be at the expense of profit. It was ... Read More »

Eat Your Spinach – Andrew Joppa (8/5)

Perhaps the easiest thing to be is a Leftist politician. It is quite similar to it being easier to be the parent who gives their children all the cake and candy they demand rather than being the parent who has them eat their spinach. The immediate gratification of the sweet goodies is all the child really cares about. This holds ... Read More »

Sir Bagot Glubb – Andrew Joppa (8/3)

Writing in the middle of the twentieth century, Sir John Bagot Glubb described the rise and decline (they don’t really fall) of great civilizations. According to Glubb the pattern seems nearly inescapable. It takes approximately ten generations, or 250 years, for this cycle to be completed. If we date the American civilization from 1776 we are now in year 239. ... Read More »

Israel: America’s Canary in the Coal Mine – Andrew Joppa (7/30)

There should be little doubt that Iran, given the opportunity and the means, would destroy the State of Israel. If this reaches fulfillment, Iranian leadership would have no hesitancy in killing every one of the six million Jews in that heroic, beleaguered country. Our nation, in our name, is on the verge of providing Iran with both the opportunity and ... Read More »

A Dangerous Distortion – Andrew Joppa (7/29)

The phrase, “We the People,” is consistently used within political discussions about America. When invoked, the usual intent is to create the feeling of a unified group of Americans who can overwhelm any foe or eliminate any obstacle put in their path. In today’s America, of course, any presumption of commonality of purpose or values could not be further from ... Read More »

The Article V Amendment Convention – Andrew Joppa (7/26)

I have long been an advocate of a State’s initiated Amendment Convention. Below is a guest commentary that I wrote that appeared in the Naples Daily News. It retains its currency. I believe America’s current problems are a result of our Federal government, within all its branches, functioning outside of Constitutional constraints. It is impossible to believe that we could ... Read More »

Calling 911 – Andrew Joppa (7/24

(In the following fictitious conversation “Mike” is the average American citizen, 911 and the police represent the Federal government and the house-breakers are those that have entered this country illegally.) Mike frantically called 911. The officious voice of the 911 operator came on the line, “911, what is your emergency?” Mike yelled, “Someone has broken into my house!” “Sir” came ... Read More »

Rest in Peace Wallace and Beauford – Andrew Joppa (7/21)

It would seem that everything that could be said about those who enter America illegally has already been said. The American bifurcated culture is comprised of those who understand the ethical and legal requirement of maintaining tightly controlled borders and those who are driven by a variety of forces that have no concern with Americans or America. In fact, no ... Read More »

The Great House – Andrew Joppa (7/15)

Over two hundred years ago the architects and designers, who were America’s Founders, bequeathed to us the most meaningful home the world has ever known. This home was so strong and influential that it transformed all who were fortunate enough to live under its roof. There were, certainly, instants when a tenant acted in an inappropriate manner or when a ... Read More »