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Considering the FBI

by Andrew Joppa “That job should not be a political job. We should not be hearing very publicly from the leader of the FBI.” Pam Bondi It is time we give serious consideration to the disbanding of the Federal Bureau of investigation. This does not suggest ending many of their essential functions. It does mean eliminating the bureaucracy of the ... Read More »

The Bigotry of Low Expectations – Andrew Joppa

There are many ways that bigotry can be demonstrated. The major bastion of bigotry that remains, and perhaps its most insidious form, is the bigotry of low expectations. This manifests itself within a presumption that a group is so inherently inferior that it must be treated in a manner that creates allowances for their inadequacies. Within this model, there is ... Read More »

Meaningful Programs to Fight Homelessness in Florida

By Robert Ehrlich and Vann Ellison Florida faces significant challenges of homelessness relative to its large population, but has made measurable progress in recent years in reducing numbers of individuals on the streets. Credit should go to Gov. Rick Scott’s solid economic performance that markedly increased employment levels and to the good people at state and local social services agencies. ... Read More »

Building a Stronger Cage – Andrew Joppa (1/12)

  If dangerous animals escape from a zoo it is critical that they be recaptured and subdued. That, however, is not enough. They must be returned to their cage. Even that is not enough. Their cage must be made stronger and more escape proof than ever before. It must be assured that these wild animals can never escape again. The ... Read More »

What Trump Brings to the Elections – Andrew Joppa (9/14)

For many years I was involved with corporate consulting. Much of my activity dealt with the issue of corporate culture. “Culture” being those unwritten rules of behavior that determine and color most of the decisions that are made in an organization. There was generally one of two damaging scenarios that presented themselves. The most common was where the current cultural ... Read More »

Reading by the Numbers – Andrew Joppa (9/11)

I offer the following as an assessment of Islamic thought pertaining to jihad and its implications that must be measured in considering the vast number of refugees flooding the West, mostly Muslims. Our Western filter, when it exists at all, is set at screening out the active terrorists among them. The assessment that follows, however, makes clear it doesn’t matter ... Read More »

Ninety-Nine for a Rainy Day – Andrew Joppa (9/11)

Here are ninety-nine of my random…and in some cases, previously undisclosed, thoughts. If you agree with all of them it would certainly surprise me… and should worry you. I have always felt that short, pithy, statements can have more impact than full tomes. Of course, not every pearl is a “keeper.” I have not prioritized these thoughts nor are they ... Read More »

Refugees; Weapons of Mass Destruction – Andrew Joppa (9/6)

First, I must offer the obligatory, Western, guilt laden, apologetic. That is, it is obviously horrifying when anyone is displaced or damaged by war, chaos and violence. Refugees that are created within this process should be given assistance until that danger either passes or is eliminated. Having given you that obvious starting point for our conversation let’s move beyond that ... Read More »

Moderates Pervert Islam – Andrew Joppa (9/3)

It is time to acknowledge that some Muslims have perverted the teachings of Islam. In the West we tend to refer to these Muslims as radicals, in fact, we should refer to those that have perverted Islam as “moderates.” The devout Muslim would call these moderates…apostates. Perversion can be defined as, “the alteration of something from its original course, meaning, ... Read More »

A Time to Love and a Time to Hate – Andrew Joppa (8/29)

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Many have asserted that they don’t dislike Barack Obama personally…no…no… they like him, they just don’t like his policies. How frightened these timid souls are that it might be ... Read More »