The Bigotry of Low Expectations – Andrew Joppa

There are many ways that bigotry can be demonstrated. The major bastion of bigotry that remains, and perhaps its most insidious form, is the bigotry of low expectations. This manifests itself within a presumption that a group is so inherently inferior that it must be treated in a manner that creates allowances for their inadequacies. Within this model, there is no one more bigoted than the Democrat Progressive/Left in America. Their entire political approach accepts the inferiority of every definable minority group that falls sway to their influence.

This can be immediately demonstrated as the Democrat/Left assumes the absence of emotional control, the tendency to violence, and/or damage to life outcomes of minority groups; if something is said to upset them. Apparently, African-Americans will riot in the streets and property will be destroyed if the wrong word is said by the wrong person at the wrong time. Muslims will turn into terrorists if someone suggests that most terrorists are Muslim. Women will have their lives ruined if someone proposes that women should not be in combat roles. Hispanics will hate America if it is offered that illegal entrants should never become full citizens. The Democrats operate with an attitude that these groups are emotionally unable to deal with any negative and therefore must be treated with “kid gloves.” Otherwise, goes this Democrat narrative, their inherent inferiority will drive them into uncontrollable and/or dangerous actions. The Leftwing media supports this narrative by offering their condemnation of anyone who had the audacity to offend these groups in even the most insignificant of manners. Anyone who is a minority should be terribly embarrassed that someone would presume they were so mindless as to act in this manner.

These minority groups, suggests the Democrats, are so susceptible to suggestion that they live out the life narratives created by their theoretical detractors. Young girls will have their lives permanently damaged if a woman doesn’t break the “glass ceiling” to become president. Their narrative also presumes that woman only achieve “glory” when one of them does anything as well as it is done by the average male; that “maleness” is the measurement of female success. Muslims will never assimilate if the word Jihad is used in public discourse. Even the verbatim quoting from the Koran must be avoided lest we offend a Muslim and drive them into a frenzy. African-Americans enter into economic despair if is suggested they are, in any way, responsible for their… economic despair. To suggest that aggressive actions toward the police will result in bad things happening, will cause them to react aggressively toward police…and bad things will happen. The violence of Hispanic gangs is a factor of racism that forces them into that form of expression since all other avenues are closed off by ethnic bias. It is difficult to understand the level of bigotry that must exist within the Democrat/Progressive/Left to accept and promote this nonsense.

The Democrats also presume that all minority groups are helpless without their support. As best we can judge, no minority would have a job or any variation of a good life without the “helping hand” of the Democrats in Washington. Overt negative bigotry would run wild and bigots would be elected to fill all posts in government. The minorities are asked to believe that there is no essential good will of the American people unless it is prodded, through guilt, by the actions of the Democrats. It is suggested that companies would not hire the best person if that person is a minority; thus hurting themselves in the fulfillment of their bigotry. In addition, most Americans hate immigrants, even though their parents or grandparents were immigrants. Also, wanting to have protected borders is a form of racism designed to keep out, among others, a billion and a half Chinese who would love to settle in Texas, and would do just that, except those crazed Republicans won’t let them. If the other five and one half billion world-wide “citizens” came in, they’d probably have to shift some to Oklahoma. This all sounds quite ridicules…except for the fact that it’s true…with just a hint of hyperbole.

Make no mistake; the Democrats are bigots of the highest order. It is their belief that minorities are nothing without them. The situation, however, is actually worse than I’ve described. In fact, the Democrats don’t really believe these groups are inferior; they just act as if they are. It is their hope that these minority groups will except their “inferior” label and turn to these Democrats as their “saviors.”

It becomes a variant of the well identified “Stockholm Syndrome.” That is…you begin to love those who’ve imprisoned you.