An Up to the Minute Snippet

Happy day after the big eclipse, everyone.  After all the media hype, the skies in Naples just became a little dim….it was a little spooky…but really no drama.  I am glad the eclipse happened yesterday and not today, since we are now getting some “much needed rain” (I am kidding) to settle the mud.  SW Florida is setting all sorts of records with rainfall, as I am sure you have heard.  When Bob and I returned from a most pleasant week in Asheville last Wednesday, we were caught in yet another frog-strangling rainstorm while we were waiting for a tow truck for Bob’s car on Palm Beach Boulevard in N. Ft. Myers.  It was raining so hard that the tow truck driver could not even get out of his cab to hook up Bob’s car.  On a side note, if you get a horrible flat tire on 75 while returning home from Punta Gorda Airport, try not to get stuck on Palm Beach Boulevard.  If you would like the rest of this story at some point, feel free to ask.  It’s a good one….or at least it has a happy ending.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer vacation in your travels and/or at your homes away from paradise.  Time if flying & soon the car carriers will be be showing up in mass.  It certainly is true that the older one gets, the faster the time goes.  And as usual, lots of things happen in Naples and this summer is no exception.  SO, here is what I know for sure:

Lots of machinery — cranes, cement mixers, etc. — along with worker bees — have been at the location of the new condo project, Mystique, in Pelican Bay.  It seemed as though the project had been delayed for a while but there is lots of activity there now and things seem to be moving quickly.

Restaurants which have CLOSED this summer are Midtown (across from Coastland Mall & kind of adjacent to Food & Thought), Fish Crazy (where Naples Tomato used to be) and the Stage Deli & Tapas (both at Mercato).

A French food favorite — Cote D’Azur — has been sold.  To whom, I do not know…I heard it is someone from the West Coast.

Whole Foods has undergone a HUGE transformation.  Not only does it seem bigger due to the renovations, but they have also added a restaurant in the back (in a space I did not even know they had) called High Tide – the menu looks pretty good.  All of the prepared soups are in the same location which makes much more sense.  You will be so surprised at the changes.  I love Whole Foods…..even more now.

NEW restaurants in town are Burntwoocd Tavern (Mercato), KITCHEN (replacing Mangrove Cafe on 5th), Timeless (on 41 on the east side of the trail close to Central — serves breakfast, lunch & dinner.  Folks have been raving about it.), La Colmar (right next door to Timeless), which is a bistro & bakery also open for breakfast, lunch & dinner PLUS they fly in all of their flour directly from France AND finally.The Bevy, located on 12th Avenue South in Old Naples, serving small plates & cocktails.

Our go-to Tuesday night destination, formerly Weekend Willie’s, and lately, the Vodka Bar & Grill, has been sold yet again.  It’s new name is the Dog Tooth Sports & Music Bar..which, in my opinion, is a little scary.  I will try it once…maybe….just to hear our favorite band, Mudbone.

Bob and I continue to dine at our favorite places — Cibao Grille, True Food Kitchen and Blue Provence.  And we have really enjoyed the summer here in spite of all the rain.  We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful Garden of Eden.

Until next time — with more news as it happens.

Cheers –