A Critical Win for WHiM, by Andrew Joppa

A Critical Win for A WHiM

by Andy Joppa


“I think a case could be made that there’s sort of a crisis of masculinity in the West. Particularly with white males.”

 Scott Thompson


Note:    I’ve invented the acronym “WHiM.”  I did so as a way of avoiding                redundant, confusing pronouns and overly repetitive explanations.                 And…NO…I do not want to form a WHiM group. WHiMs have nothing in                common.  Each WHiM is already a group of one.


I am a White, Heterosexual, indignant, Male (a WHiM). I am not proud of that…nor ashamed of it.  In fact, I seldom if ever, think about it, as it doesn’t enter into my sense of self.  I suppose someone could offer that at a subconscious level it determines many of my actions and choices.  I can’t deny that possibility, but I can tell you, I never precede any action with the conscious thought of my whiteness …maleness …or sexuality.  I am indignant that it is suggested that I do. I am also indignant we WHiMs have been so maligned and abused in modern America; not just as individuals, but as a collective group. If you don’t think this is happening, you just haven’t been paying attention. Brett Kavanaugh’s recent confirmation to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court was a rare, but critical, win for the WHiMs, but, more so, for the American culture itself.  His defeat would have permanently set in concrete, the rest of our future as a downhill slide toward oblivion.


I can state that we WHiMs couldn’t care less about each other; at least not as WHiMs.   We don’t root for each other, have a secret handshake, have any sprit de corps, meet in secret enclaves, nor live vicariously through each other’s accomplishments.   We don’t get all goose-bumped when some other WHiM succeeds nor shed a tear when one fails.  I always root for Tiger Woods to beat Jordan Spieth and I want Aaron Judge to “homer” off Chris Sale.  “WHiMness” never enters the consideration; just like in all other situations in our lives. We tend to become outraged with any injustice even if committed by another WHiM. We have nothing in common whatsoever.  If you know one of us…well…you know one of us.  Some of us are incredible…some not so much…while most of us are quite average.  I am indignant that it is suggested that we share common ideas and behaviors and…potential for indiscretions.  You saw that manifest as Kavanaugh was accused of crimes because other men were guilty.


Like most WHiMs, I had a mother that I loved.  She was an incredible woman.  I’ve been married for nearly five decades and my wife and I still get along…other than that I’m “afraid” of her (advisedly)… like most WHiMs, we are reluctant to risk “the wrath of the queen.”  They’ve been right so very often.  This concern with the perspective of their spouses by historic WHiMs, must be differentiated from the more recent American culture where, all too often, there is an attempt to turn healthy WHiMs into WHiMps (White, Heterosexual, impotent, Male, pusillanimous sycophants).  Wives, historically, have enhanced the natural maleness of their husbands while not sacrificing their own feminine nature

Today, the pressure seems to be to make healthy males into feminized versions of their former selves. I am indignant that maleness is being emasculated. Much of the attack on President Trump is because he doesn’t demonstrate the requisite level of Millennial driven femininity…and sensitivity. No…Trump is not a snowflake.


My life experience tells me that WHiMs like and admire women more than most women like and admire women.  Sure, there’s biology, can’t deny that, but there’s also our recognition that women keep us in check and remind us of what’s important when we go astray.  While not admiring all women…or all of any group… most who appear on the top of my most favorite people list…are women. Susan Collins has recently been added. She has secured a permanent place in the lore of America. Once more, like almost all WHiMs, the thought of assaulting, coercing or abusing a woman is foreign to our nature.  With nearly 160 million WHiMs there are exceptions to that general premise, and most WHiMs hate those vile exceptions. I am indignant that these rare exceptions are used to define us…as it was used to attempt to define Brett Kavanaugh.


For the most part we Whims have been too busy trying to pay our bills and take care of our families to waste our time with the fulfillment of any bigotries.  Bigotry is time consuming and expends incredible levels of energy in the pursuit of useless ends.  It always amazes me to hear that a WHiM businessman would apparently rather hire another WHiM for more money, than he’d have to pay a more highly qualified non-WHiM.  First, you are told that WHiMs are greedy…then you must accept that they we are also stupid.


For myself, I spent 30 years teaching students who were, in the majority, minorities.  I was faculty member of the year five times as chosen by these graduating seniors.  The replacement I chose for my administrative responsibilities was a Ugandan national.  He remains a dear friend. I sponsored the candidacy of an African-American for the Board of Education in Peekskill who won in opposition to a WHiM…a friend…former friend… of mine.  Why tell you all this?  I dislike Barack Obama, Maxine Waters and Corey Booker…among others.  The misdirection that is used would suggest that if a WHiM dislikes these politicians he must be a bigot.  I dislike them because of who they are as people, just as I like Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Shelby Steele and Walter Williams because of who they are as contributing humans.   I am indignant that any WHiM’s disliking of someone who happens to be a minority is a symptom of bigotry.  Some are just not likeable people.


I would note, without it generating any source of personal pride or gained value, that many, if not most, of the great moral and ethical contributions were made by WHiMs.  I would add, again without it suggesting anything positive about me, that most of the great political and scientific advances were derived from WHiM contributions.  I normally would not allude to these realities, but the continuing assault on WHiMs within the American culture, demands that a better perspective be adopted; if, for no other reason, than to help insure the healthy development of young males in our society.  Their loss is already being experienced in our nation.  The confirmation of Kavanaugh was a rare moment of sunshine in our cultural darkness.

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